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   Chapter 15 Unexpected News!

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After Edward left the hospital, Ivy gave the check to Celine. But Celine refused. Ivy insisted that it was given to the child and asked her parents to save it. So Celine put the check into her bag and chatted with Ivy for a while before she left.

After that, Ivy hadn't seen Edgar for a week. Instead, she had a very good life without him. Every day, she hid in his villa to recover, as if she was really his mistress.

Soon half a month passed

It was reported that the CEO of HENGLI group and the daughter of the chairman of CHUANGMEI group would hold an engagement ceremony at Phoenix hall on July 18. According to relevant people, they would fly back to Beijing this afternoon.

The news attracted a lot of attention. Many reporters from the major media had to wait at the airport.

"Edgar, how do you get to know Mia? "

"Edgar, it's said that the HENGLI group is going to purchase a brand from CHUANGMEI group. Is that true? "

On the contrary, the neckline of Edgar's pure white shirt was dotted with golden lace, his dark green suit cuffs suited perfectly with the gold rim. The neckline of his white shirt was replaced by a black ribbon, making him an elegant and noble man.

Then he glanced gloomily at the woman who was holding his arm, with a hint of warning in his eyes! Then he said coldly, "no comment!"

Therefore, the journalists began to interview the girl beside him. She was wearing a bohemian long dress, the color of which was fiery red, dazzling and eye-catching. There were hollow pattern on the hemline and the beautiful and exquisite tassels floating around her ankles. This was Mia Meng, the daughter of the Meng family

"Yes, we met in America. We are going to hold an engagement ceremony at Phoenix hall. Hope you can come here!"

Then she said to Edgar kindly, "Edgar, my father has made a reservation at the Cloud hall. Let's go there!" Then they left the airport with many servants.

When the journalists were out of sight, Edgar shook Mia's hand away harshly and growled coldly, "Mia, are you done? Where did I get engaged to you? "

A second ago, she was talking to Edgar gently while a second later, they both treated each other coldly. "humph! Does the famous Edgar still care about this? Marriage means nothing to you, does it? I just want to make use of what you think is meaningless! What a joke! Do you really think that we will get married? ha-ha! You know that we're just using each other. "

Hearing that, Edgar was stunned. Yeah! Why did he care about that? Nothing would happen between them! However, as long as he thought of engaging with another woman, her innocent face would appear in his mind. He didn't know what the fool Ivy was doing? Did she get angry because of his engagement? Would she ignore him? The more he thought about it, the more irritable he felt!

"Mia, just this time. If you use me again without any sense of shame, I will not show mercy to you!"

"Show mercy to me! When did you show mercy to me? You killed half of my men in the United States, only leaving those who are disloyal. When did you show mercy to me?"

Then she seemed to think of something and showed a fake smile, "Did Edgar fall in love some woman? Otherwise, why did you care so much about the engagement? Are you afraid that your beloved woman will be unhap

py? "

Hearing that, Edgar's face became angrier. He shouted, "enough! You'd better not tell anyone about my real identity. Otherwise, I will let you know what will happen if you mess with me! "

"I think so! You care so much about your identity in City A. It turns out you have fallen in love with another woman. " With a curious look on her face, Mia asked, "I really want to know which goddess is able to attract Edgar's attention."

Then, Edgar grabbed her arm fiercely, squinted his eyes and threatened, "you'd better not touch her! Otherwise, I won't suggest that we destroy each other! "

Mia was a little scared, but she pretended to shake off his hand calmly. "Don't worry. She is of no use to me, so I'm not interested in her!"

"By the way, don't forget our engagement party. If you don't come, I don't know what I will say to those lovely reporters!" Then she got into her car and left in the limited edition high heels.

Edgar's gloomy and cold eyes became deep. Something happened earlier than he had expected

In Phoenix hall.

It never occurred to Ivy that they would meet again at his engagement party after they parted. Ivy didn't want to come at first, but somehow when she heard the news from Celine. She had been in a daze for a long time, with a little shock and a little disappointment.

So she decided to come to see him. When she saw the golden couple on the stage, the man was handsome and the woman was beautiful and elegant, and enjoyed the blessings of all the people, she suddenly felt that her idea was really ridiculous!

Who is he? Who am I? He was somebody but she is just nobody. The relationship between them was all about the debt, the employer and the mercenary. As for the intimate contact between them, it was just an episode in the misunderstanding.

Then, Ivy sneered at herself, turned around and left the noisy crowd. No sooner had she left the stage, Edgar, who was standing on the stage, strode away, leaving the crowd and the woman he was getting engaged to, and chased after Ivy!

As a matter of fact, he had seen Ivy for a long time. However, since he had come back, he had been busy with documents and projects in the company, so he hadn't had time to go back to the villa to see her. She hadn't come to work since she was sick. It was the first time they had met since he came back.

And by coincident, she saw what was going on. He ran after her to explain.

Walking out of the banquet hall, Ivy looked at the beautiful sky and remembered that she hadn't gone shopping for a long time. Perhaps she just wanted to vent her feelings in this way. Then she took out her purse from her bag. She took out the rest three hundred and twenty five in her purse, walked to the roadside, stopped a taxi, and said to the driver: "master, time building, thank you!"

She took out her phone and called Celine, "Hello! Celine, are you in class? Let's go shopping! !

She heard from the other end of the line, "sister, how could you go shopping? But I'm really giving a lesson. I can't go! "

Then, a disappointed expression appeared on Ivy's face. "Alright, you go to class first!" She decided to hang around by herself.

Sitting in the taxi, Ivy somehow felt empty. She told herself in her heart that it was impossible for Edgar and her to be together.

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