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   Chapter 14 Ivy, You Are Not Dead!

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"Dear CEO, for the sake of my injury, wipe off the liquidated damages, okay? Ha-ha. "Ivy asked with a smile.


"Shit! What are you doing, Edgar! It hurt, okay! Can you be gentle! " Ivy gnashed her teeth and stared at Edgar, intending to kill him with her eyes in a second. Was there anyone like him? A CEO! The mere thought of money messed him up!

"Listen, Ivy, don't ever think about the penalty!" Edgar said coldly, finishing binding up the wounds.

Fine! Her mind was read! Ivy pressed her lips and remained silent!

In fact, Edgar didn't need Ivy to pay the liquidated damages. He just didn't want Ivy to draw a clear line between them.

He found himself in love with Ivy!

"Do I hurt at work? If I hurt at work? How much money can I get? " Ivy rolled her eyes at him and put her clothes down.

Hearing that, Edgar's mouth twitched. "How come you always think about money! Aren't you tired? "

Like a dissatisfied housewife, Ivy sighed, "well, I have no choice. I don't have money! I have to provide my whole family with money. Apart from my living expenses, I have to find a nanny for my child in a few days! You tell me how I can stop thinking about the money.

When Ivy was prattling on, Edgar's cold face grew grimmer. It was so dark that it looked like a black hole!

what? "Is there something wrong with this woman's ability to express herself, or is there something wrong with my brain? A child!"! She had a child!

How is that possible? When they had sex for the first time, he clearly remembered the blood on the white sheet. Was it really from a surgery.

Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly said, "sister, you are not dead!" Celine interrupted his thinking.

With a fruit basket in one hand and a bag in the other, Celine came to visit Ivy happily and walked in with tears on her face!

Thank God! Her best friend was still alive! Otherwise, she really didn't know what to do!

Edgar raised his head and saw a woman walking towards him. Putting away his anger, he turned to Ivy and said, "stay here. Have a good rest. I have something to deal with."

Then he turned around and walked out of the ward coldly, ignoring Celine.

Celine felt embarrassed.

When Edgar left, Ivy touched Celine's hair and said, "Why are you crying? I'm fine."

When she saw Celine, she finally realized that she had stepped on the floor.

To be honest, when she was shot, she was very scared. She was afraid that she would die at such an early age. That was not worthwhile! If she had lost her life because of a job, it was estimated that her deceased mother would be pissed off.

A survivor of a disaster felt so good!

Celine took out a large drumstick from her bag and handed it to Ivy. "I'm going to celebrate your being a survivor of a disaster! "

Her melancholy eyes were immediately filled with green light. Then she quickly took the chicken leg from Celine. After biting it hard, she said: "you know me, Celine!"

Seeing Ivy devouring the food, her friend Celine who was standing next to her became speechless. "Hey, Ivy, I mean, what's going on? Does your CEO often abuse you? Dude, your appetite can possibly break the Guinness world record. "

When Ivy felt better in her stomach, she raised her head and murmured, "I had been in a coma for three days and two nights, and there were still no dripping of water. How could I not be hungry? "

"Sis, to be honest, why don't you admit that you like him? He is handsome and rich. You have a good taste!" Celine sat on the bed and said proudly.

"It was totally an a

ccident that I took the bullet for him. Do you believe it?" Raising her eyebrows, Ivy found it both funny and annoying.

"Come on! Sister, you always say one thing and mean another. I know you very well. " With these words, Celine took out a bottle of water from her bag and handed it to Ivy.

She continued, "by the way, other than visiting you today, But there is one more thing I want to tell you. My parents said they were going to take care of that child for a long time, until your sister showed up. They said that the child would have a good time! "

"What! Really? What should I say! Thank you so much! Ivy was deeply touched.

Then she clapped her chest and promised, "Please tell uncle and aunt. They don't need to worry. All the expenses for that child will be sent by me every month."

When they were chattering non-stop, someone stood behind them!

"Excuse me, Ivy!" They didn't know when Edward stood behind them.

Ivy recognized Edward. He was with Edgar.

Edward told her the reason why he came here politely, "Ivy, our CEO asked me to tell you that he had to go to the United States to deal with some things these days. He left in a hurry, so he didn't have time to tell you. He said that you'd better stay in the hospital to recuperate, and he would send people to guard outside the door the whole day to protect you."

"Damn it! What was he doing! 'put me under house arrest?'? Why? " Ivy's eyes widened in anger.

"As our CEO said, I hope you can understand the inconvenience I brought to you. The compensation is a compensation. You should cooperate. The compensation is 500 thousand."

"Five hundred thousand!" Upon hearing the number, Ivy took back her anger.

She smirked and said, "that's a deal from your CEO. A word spoken is really a bargain! You must keep your promise! "

Then, Edward leisurely took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Ivy. He said seriously, "here, this is the check. Take it!"

At the same time, Ivy received a check from Jill! express my thanks to the boss and tell him he can go without any worry! I will be a good girl and won't make trouble! "

Edward touched his nose and said nothing. He turned around and left. He felt that Ivy was not at all Reserved!

Then he drove out of the hospital to the company

In the CEO Office of HENGLI group.

Edgar was sitting on a chair in his office, with a material in his hand. Then he typed the keyboard in order.

At this time, Edward came in. "Edgar, are you sure you don't want to see her?" Then he put the documents in front of him.

He stopped for a while, raised his eyebrows, and said coldly, "I have to think about something clearly! Edward, have you found out her background information? "

"She is in San Francisco. Half of her companies have been replaced by her. You need to clean up the mess! And Edgar, she has purposely made a public of your identity in America, which is somewhat unfavorable to what you are going to do in the following! "

Hearing that, a tinge of coldness flashed across Edgar's gloomy and cold eyes. "She has become more and more capable in three years! We are in no hurry. We can play with her slowly! "

Then he asked, "Edward, is that child hers?" Of course she was referring to Ivy.

"No, it's not her child. It's her sister's child," said Edward crossly

How couldn't he be angry! While he was worrying about the thing in America, his boss should have the time to investigate Ivy's kid!

Edward was bitter!

He worked so hard and so hard!

A smile appeared on Edgar's cold lips! I see!

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