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   Chapter 13 Don't Move If You Don't Want To Die!

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In the morning of the third day, Ivy finally woke up. She was usually very noisy, but this time, her life was hanging by a thread. Edgar, who was sitting next to her, was a little unaccustomed to it.

He stayed here for three days until Ivy woke up. He even handle the company's documents here.

"Where am I?" Ivy opened her eyes weakly.

"You wake up!" Sitting next to her, Edgar still looked indifferent. In fact, he was extremely happy and excited, because he hoped that she would be able to see him at the first sight when she woke up, otherwise he wouldn't stay here and didn't leave at all.

He had found that he had slightly changed his attitude to her.

Edgar gently helped the feeble Ivy up, as if he was afraid of hurting her. He calmly took out a pillow to let her lean on the bed.

Some people care about her, but they wouldn't admit it. Edgar was always like this. He said very lightly and angrily, "Ivy, do you think you got a stomach injury and your head hurt too? If it is not a hospital here, would it be a mortuary? "

"What's wrong with you? It was me who replaced you to get hurt. Why didn't you say thank you? Why are you still so indifferent? " Ivy rolled her eyes at him and pouted.

He poured a glass of water for her and handed it to her like a gentleman. She took it and drank it in one gulp! Right! 'this is the way to thank the benefactor!'!

Then, Edgar naturally moved close to Ivy's ear and said in his magnetic voice, "I didn't expect that you like me so much. Since you love me so much, I will accept you just because you have taken a shot for me."

Cough! Cough!

She was acting as a benefactor in front of him a second ago, but now she was choked by the water she had drunk! Her pale face suddenly turned purple.

Seeing that, Edgar, who was standing beside her, patted her on her back quickly and said, "Ivy, you don't have to be so happy! You didn't die after the shot. Do you want to be choked to death by water? " He looked at her and said.

"Damn it! Could you please stop being so narcissistic? When did you see that I liked you? It was totally an accident that I took the bullet for you. Do you believe it? "

"Can you stop being such a double-faced woman?" Then Edgar peeled an apple and handed it to her.

This was the first time he had taken care of a woman like this! Other women would have been moved to cry for his help if they were in her shoes. But Ivy seemed not to care about it at all. What was he doing? Did she have to challenge his bottom line?

Without any hesitation, Ivy took the apple from Edgar's hand and took a big bite. Well, she was indeed hungry. After three days' coma, how could she not be hungry? She looked at the apple in her hand in disgust, wondering why there was only one? 'the God of plague is really very mean!'!

"I don't want to talk to you anymore. Do you have anything else to eat, such as chicken drumsticks I'm starving! " Ivy looked up at him with dissatisfaction.

"It seems that you are indeed challenging my limits!" Then she saw that Edgar, like a ghost, came to her without any reason and kissed her pale



Her lips were unusually soft and sweet. Last time when he kissed her, he felt that something was wrong with him. He had kissed other women, but he had never felt this way before. When kissing her sweet lips, he smelt her sweet scent. It seemed that he would lose control at any time even though he had always been calm and self-control.

The kiss was so unexpected that she was taken aback. Her mind went blank and she closed her eyes obediently. It seemed that everything was natural. She forgot to think about it. Then she pushed the wound on her belly so hard that it immediately hurt. What was she doing! Why did the God of plague take advantage of her again!

Then she raised her tight right hand and slapped hard on Edgar's stomach like the whirlwind, regardless of how intoxicated Edgar was at the moment. "Humph! Fuck! Take advantage of me again. Aren't you looking for beat. "

With a muffled groan, Edgar placed his right hand on his belly. At the same time, his forehead was wet with sweat, which showed how painful he was. "Are you insane, you damn woman! Why attack me again! "

When he raised his head and was about to curse ivy, he saw her covering her belly with her hands. She was screaming with a twisted expression.

His heart ached and self reproach. He shouldn't have been so impulsive.

"Damn it! Is the wound bleeding?" Edgar walked quickly to her and asked anxiously.

"It really hurts! Whoooooooh! It hurts! "

Edgar scooped her up and carefully placed her on the bed. Then he gently lifted up her clothes.

"What are you doing?" Ivy looked at him warily, her hands grasping her clothes tightly.

"Shut up if you don't want to hurt yourself to death!" Edgar said coldly, frowning.

Ivy was speechless. She really didn't want to die of pain.

Then Edgar gently lifted up her clothed on the wound. The shocking wound was like a bloody flower spreading.

"Damn it!" He quickly took out the gauze and carefully cleaned the wound.

Through close observation, you would find that Edgar handled the wound quite skillfully at the moment, just like a doctor who often walked to the edge of the battlefield. He was extremely calm and decisive in the face of injuries, and even Ivy also found his abnormalities.

Edgar must have been born in a rich family. Even if he got hurt, he would not care about it at all. How could he deal with such a wound? and he seemed to be adept and decisive?

Then she puckered up her lips and asked, "Why are you..."

The latter was silent for a moment. She thought he didn't want to answer such a question, but then he said in a flat tone, "the pain is worth celebrating. It means you're still alive!"

"Ah! What did you say?" Ivy asked in confusion.

Why did she feel that Edgar was a little sad at the moment! Was it her illusion! yes! It must be an illusion! Humph! Would he be sad? Well, it seemed that it was impossible for a sow to climb a tree!

For Ivy, Edgar was a wealthy person with whatever he wanted. He would never worry about money.

His words made the whole city tremble. Would he be sad? Of course not.

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