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   Chapter 12 An Accident

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Edgar rolled his eyes at her. How troublesome this woman was!

Then he turned to Spencer and said, "Spencer, find someone to take her to the lady's room."

Spencer who was talking stopped. He waved his hand, and then a uniform in service walked to Ivy and respectfully said, "Miss, please follow me!"

Ivy turned around and walked into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet. She went out in a hurry this morning and didn't go to the bathroom at all!

When Ivy was dealing with the most important event in her life, Suddenly, she heard a vague voice from outside, "What have you heard from him, Zoe? You have been with him for such a long time!" A man said in a low voice.

"Sorry, master. I haven't got anything yet?" A woman said in a trembling voice.

"What? Are you also in love with that man, Zoe?" The man said with a sneer.

"No, no, I didn't!"

"Listen carefully! I'll give you ten more days. If we still can't find out your brother who is addicted to gambling, I won't mind that we cut the legs of those who owe us! " The man threatened.

"Mr. mu, don't worry. I will find it out. Please trust me!" She declared confidently.

Ivy held her breath. She had never thought that she would listen to these words here. But she was confused? Who the hell are they? 'Zoe, such a familiar name? But she couldn't remember where she had heard it! 'forget it. It has nothing to do with me.

I really don't understand what the double-faced upper class think. They don't lead a happy life like I do. Humph!

After Ivy cleaned herself up, she left the bathroom as if nothing had happened.

When she came to the banquet hall, there was a sudden gunshot. One meter away from Edgar, Ivy was so frightened that she stopped walking.

When she looked ahead in confusion, she saw a man take out a pistol and shoot at them.

At the same time, Ivy knocked down Edgar who was not far from her.


It was supposed to hit Edgar, but the shot was right on Ivy's abdomen. As a result, Ivy got a shot for Edgar!

She was thrown into Edgar's arms!

A black pistol was taken out of nowhere. Edgar's one side face was as cold as ice. With slightly closed eyes, he shot in the direction of the snipers.

Edgar hugged Ivy with one arm and shot with the other. Spencer was running after the snipers.

It never occurred to him that it was Ivy who saved him in the end, He was shocked, not because someone shot at him.

But it was because that Ivy had taken the bullet for him, and his heart was melting in her love. It had been a long time since the last time he had such feeling. How could someone really care about him? He was so moved and he fell in love with her at this moment.

At this moment, Ivy's face was pale and there was nothing in her brain. Why did she feel painful? Her consciousness became more and more blurred, and she could only hear the sounds of people nearby.

She couldn't hear clearly. She just felt that someone was holding her, calling her and making a phone call to the hospital. She vaguely remembered that it was Edgar's voice.

But she had no strength at all. She just wanted to sleep and then became unconscious.

Actually, she didn't really want to save Edgar.

At the sight of the gunfight, she got panicked and ran towards the wrong direction.

She just ran into Edgar's arms and drove him away. But maybe no one would believe such an explanation.

All the people present agreed that this woman brought by Edgar saved him at the crucial moment, and even the master of the Mu family who came in a hurry after hearing the gunshot immediately thought differently about Ivy, who was hugging by Edgar. "This girl is so brave!" he thought! It seemed that she really loved Edgar.


In less than an hour, they were outside of the emergency room of a private hospital in this city.

With a bloodthirsty stare, Edgar sat o

n the chair outside the emergency room.

On the left of his hand stood a row of black suits. After receiving the notice, the top executives were rushing to the conference room as soon as possible.

The entire corridor was dead silent. The red light of the emergency room was on and everyone was waiting for Edgar's instructions. At this time, the man standing on the far right bowed deeply to him and said in a trembling voice, "Edgar, it's my fault."

"Tan, Edgar didn't do anything wrong in the past few years. The bodyguards were carefully selected. Were they dreaming when the killer shot? " Standing next to him, Edward said angrily.

These days, Edward was just sent to the company in the United States by Edgar to deal with some things. When he was informed, he was really shocked.

So he flew here in a hurry by plane. On the way here, he only heard that someone was shot. He thought it was Edgar, but when he arrived here, it was Ivy. After listening to what Spencer had told him, he suddenly changed his mind about Ivy. His disdain for her at the very beginning had turned into great admiration for her!

"Edgar's bodyguards were found in a storage room of the Mu family. They were all tied up, knocked out and bound to a room. They have just regained their consciousness." The man named Tan raised his head slightly and bowed his head. He was looking at Edgar, sweat trickling down his forehead.

"Edgar, since you left your business in the US to Kent, all the shops in City A have been peaceful! I never expose your identity and make any enemies here. "

With his eyes full of melancholy, Edward continued, "since those who were able to knock your bodyguards out and were determined to die no matter whether they shot you or not, it is impossible for people from City A to commit such a bold crime here."

Crossing his legs and looking at the white wall in front of him calmly, Edgar's eyes deepened and he listened to his subordinates without saying a word.

At this time, a man in the same black suit walked out of the elevator. He walked quickly to the side of Edgar and said in a low voice respectfully, "Edgar, the top floor conference room of the hospital has been arranged. Please go there."

Edgar nodded at him, and let his subordinates go to the meeting room on the top floor first.

All the security guards were left in the corridor and so was Edward.

"Do you think she will be fine, Edward?" Finally, Edgar began to worry about her.

"Edgar, she will be fine. Don't worry too much. Dr. Young is inside. He will do his best." Edward patted his shoulder and comforted him.

"Is everything okay in the Mu family?" Pinching his forehead, Edgar said coldly.

"Spencer will handle it. The master of the Mu family sent someone to bring it here. Have a look."

Edward took out a piece of jade from his pocket. It was a flawless, shiny jade. If you looked at it carefully, you would see a "cyan".

Edgar took over the jade with his right hand, holding it tightly with a very complicated expression on his face. Then a hint of coldness flashed across his dark eyes. "Edward, she's back!"

In an instant, Edward looked serious and said, "what is to be, will be!"

At that time, the light of the emergency room was turned off. Standing up from the chair, Edgar walked quickly to the door and welcomed the doctor who pushed the door out and removed the mouth-muffle.

"The shot was only slight deviation, which helped to get her out of danger. Since the patient is extremely weak now, it is not proper to be disturbed. Stay in the hospital for observation as a further caregiver!"

"Thank you, Dr. Young!" "Thank you.".

Dr. Young was a top surgeon in City A, a schoolmate of Edgar's mother. So they respected him very much.

"Edward, go to handle the meeting. I'll go later." Edgar said calmly. Then he walked into the ward.

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