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   Chapter 11 Go To The Party!

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Finally it was time to off work. Before Ivy could stretch herself, she was lifted up by a pair of big hands. With all the staff watching, she was put into the car.

"Boss, where are we going?"

"Shut up!" Edgar said coldly

Ivy clenched her teeth

Fine! Just shut up! She decided not to continue the conversation!

On their way to the hotel, Ivy was very quiet. It was so quiet that Edgar could not help frowning. Was she really so obedient?

He turned around and saw that ivy had fallen asleep leaning against the seat!

Suddenly, Edgar was a little confused. To be honest, Ivy was really beautiful when she was quiet. Although she was not very beautiful, she looked very attractive. She was more and more beautiful, which made Edgar's breath get heavier.

However, very soon, he forced himself to stop feeling like that. He really could not understand why he could sit still and keep calm when so many women flirted with him. However, Ivy gave him different feelings.

Edgar blew and shook his head helplessly. He reached out and adjusted the temperature.

A few minutes later, Edgar took Ivy back to the villa, After getting out of the car, Edgar kicked the door and said coldly, "Ivy, you have ten minutes. Cook for me. If you're running out of time, you break the contract."

After saying that, Edgar turned around, walked into the villa and went upstairs leisurely.

Ivy woke up suddenly. After a few seconds of reflection, she quickly got off the car and ran to the kitchen.

what the hell! She really wanted to make him lose face in ten minutes!

Hearing that, Ivy could not help but curl her lips. As expected, she fetched a bowl of noodles from the kitchen and put it on the table where Edgar was seated ten minutes later.

Originally, she thought that Edgar would make trouble for her. However, to her surprise, she didn't expect that he would eat that bowl of noodles so obediently. Had she known it would happen like this, she would have added more salt in it! Salty to death!

After eating noodles, Edgar waved his hand pleasantly, "you can get out now!"

Ivy clenched her teeth, but still went downstairs with her head down.

The next day, before Ivy woke up, she was grabbed by the collar and a suit of clothes was thrown to her.

Ivy put on her clothes in a daze and went out

"Hurry up, Ivy!"

Wearing a white suit, Edgar looked handsome. His cold and arrogant eyes did not seem to be a focus, and his dark and deep eyes were filled with comfort. His black hair was scattered around his ears, and the diamond on his ear studs gave out dim light. He was so handsome that nobody could not deny his coldness.

"Sir, isn't it the weekend?" said Ivy in a reluctant manner.

"weekend? You don't have it!" Edgar said, rolling his eyes at her.

Ivy shook her head and her big eyes were wide open. How she wished she could kill Edgar in a second.

Today, Edgar, the immediate leader of Ivy, even arranged her to go to the party with him.

She looked even sexier in that dress. There was an old saying going, "clothes make a man look better while a saddle makes a horse better shaped." black curly hair, which was as thick as seaweed, slid down to her chest. The black grown-up and shoulder length dress set off her snow-white skin, like a blooming white lotus in the faint light, and her white and charming legs gave out the silent temptation in the black evening dress.

He curled his lips. He had picked the most ugly one, but it was still so stunning when it was on Ivy!

They came to a high-end villa district.

In the Mu family's residence.

The Mu family's residence was located in the famous scenic spot in a city. Since the old man of the Mu family was quiet, it was the best choice to come here. The Mu family's company was one of the best companies in a city, but it was not so large

as HENGLI group. But in all, it was also a big company to be reckoned with, of course, a friendly partner of HENGLI group.

At seven o'clock in the evening, the Mu family became very lively. There were all kinds of fancy cars, beautiful men and women. It seemed that there were many people who gave face to the Mu family's grandpa.

He walked through the crowd and looked at the door from time to time! 'Edgar was late again. We have arrived. I will teach him a lesson!' thought Spencer!

The second young master of the Mu family, Spencer Mu, was a noble man. Tonight, he wore a silver suit, simple design and the well cut body revealed his perfect figure.

He beckoned to others with their foreheads, his handsome face expressionless. A few short curls of hair on his forehead added some casualness to him, making him not so resistant to others.

As a matter of fact, the old man of the Mu family didn't want a big banquet. But he couldn't change Spencer's mind, so he had to agree with him.

At this time, a commotion at the door attracted his attention. That guy finally appeared. He didn't need to look at him because no one else could make such a big noise except for Edgar.

Looking at the women who were just pretending to be elegant a second ago but now rushing out, he knew how destructive this guy was. It was really hard to hurt!

It was not surprising that the people around Spencer were so curious about it, because it was not Edgar who caused the uproar, but Ivy who was standing beside him.

It was known that the CEO of HENGLI group didn't like women and he wouldn't take the initiative to hold a woman's hand. In this kind of banquet, a woman always followed him carefully. As long as he gave the woman who stood beside him a look, she would immediately leave since she was afraid that he would be unhappy.

In the eyes of the crowd, the arrogant and cold Edgar was very gentle and carefully holding a woman's hand now. Although the woman looked not bad, here were a lot of women who were prettier, sexier than her.

So at this moment, most of the women looked at Ivy with envy, jealousy and even more disdain! Yes, it was contempt! Usually, the people around him were either ladies from rich families or stars.

So the women present would naturally have some contempt! Who the hell is she? Why did Edgar hold her hand!

Everyone was wondering who the woman was? They had to admit that they was jealous, but they always behaved gracefully in front of Edgar. Of course, everyone wanted to leave a good impression on him, except one woman.

Looking at the group of well-dressed women, Ivy could not help raising her eyebrows. She thought that her boss's charm was really not bad. Looking at this group of women, it was clear that they all wanted to swallow her. Did she offend them?

Ignoring the vast resentful stares of the women, Edgar just pulled Ivy in. He never cared about what other people thought, as long as he thought it was right, and he really didn't care about other people's thoughts.

Watching a perfect match walking in from a distance, Spencer smiled and thought, 'here comes this guy!'!

"What a surprise! You bring a hot girl here? " He then cast a glance at Ivy.

In the eyes of Spencer, except for the female assistant who was respectful to him, there was no other woman who could be so close to him. Even if his female assistant was one meter away from him.

But today, Edgar was holding a woman's arm, which surprised him.

"Who is this?"

"Ivy." Edgar answered lazily.

"Wow, you're so pretty!"

Ivy actually wanted to say "Hi, handsome! Very handsome!

However, when she met Edgar's glare, all the words on his face said, "mind your words!"!

Well, then, Ivy said very politely, "Hello!"

Later, Ivy smiled and said to Edgar, "excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom!"

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