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   Chapter 10 How Big Is your Chest!

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After Donna went out crying, Ivy clapped her hands and turned to look at Edgar. She pinched his face and teased, "boss, am I doing well? Is there any reward for me? "

"Get out of here!" said Edgar, pushing away Ivy coldly.

Ivy, "..."

Fuck! Can you stop acting like this? How dare you kick down the ladder! Then she curled her lip and sat opposite to Edgar, continuing to eat.

Now that his goal had been achieved, what was the use of him still staying here?

Without even taking a bite, he waved his hand and said, "it's settled."

Then a waiter came over respectfully. Edgar took out a bank card from his wallet and handed it to the waiter. "No password! "

After Edgar paid the bill, he stood up and said to Ivy coldly, "it's time to go back to the company!"

After stuffing the last piece of cake into her mouth, Ivy stood up and gave a charming smile to Edgar, "Yes, boss!"

In fact, she wanted to say, "Fuck! I'm not full yet!"

But after a second thought, she gave up the idea. After all, it was Edgar who invited her to have dinner, so she had to agree with him. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to invite him to dinner.

Thinking of that, the only thing that made her upset was that she had to depend on him for a meal. So she was not happy!

Thus, she followed him back to the company, with her mouth twitched.

As soon as she entered the company, everyone looked at her with more intense eyes. Those female employees were so jealous of her that they wanted to rip her off. It was so bad to be the target as if she stole their man!

Just when she was about to enter the CEO's office with her head down following Edgar.

"Ivy, give me a cup of coffee!"

"Bang!" the door was slammed forcefully by Edgar and he directly shut her out.

As a result of inertia, her nose was pressed against the door directly.

"Damn it! You..."

She rubbed her nose, curled her lips and gritted her teeth. Then she went to the tea room and made a cup of coffee.

At this time, two beautiful women came in from the outside. They were all female staff in the company. One of them was Lily who was bullied by Ivy this morning.

When Lily saw Ivy, she turned around and was about to leave, but a woman next to her pulled her back. The woman looked at Ivy with disdain and then looked at Lily, "Lily, what are you afraid of? She got the position of assistant just by cheap means. What? We are not afraid of her. As the saying goes, evil is worse than good. If we work hard and have a good performance, won't we defeat her? "

Ivy heard the endless curses behind her. She did not say anything, as if she could not hear. It was not because she was afraid, but because she felt that at the moment, she really did not want to take a revenge on them.

However, although Ivy thought so, someone just didn't want to let her go.

When she came out with a cup of coffee, The woman next to Lily leaned forward and pushed her deliberately.

"Bang!" Ivy almost fell to the ground, just leaning against the opposite wall.

However, the coffee in her hand was unfortunately smashed to pieces. The black coffee covered a large area.

The woman next to Lily pretended to be kind and hurried to help her. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you coming out just now. And you, why are you walking so blind!"

Ivy snorted inside. 'do you really think that I am the Virgin Mary? Was she so kind that she was even willing to lose her dignity?

"I'm okay!" Iv

y smiled coldly

When the woman next to her heard the words "nothing", a trace of contempt flashed through her eyes. She cursed in her heart; hum! She was a coward and didn't dare to speak out her anger.

When she was complacent about her method, Ivy slapped her hard across the face.

Then, Ivy clapped her hands and said innocently, "Oh, I'm really sorry. My hand twitched!"

Covering half of her face, the woman glared at Ivy and said angrily, "you..."

She hadn't expected that Ivy would slap her.

Her father is a manager here. Although his position is not very high, he is a senior staff. The colleagues all support her!

She had intended to see how that slut with so much discussion with CEO looked like.

But, she didn't expect her to be so arrogant. She just scolded her for a few words, and she slapped her.

That woman was so angry that she stamped her feet. She glared at Ivy and shouted, "why did you have the nerve to slap me, bitch?"

Slap! Before the woman could finish her words, Ivy slapped her face again.

"I'm so sorry. My hand twitched again."

Then, without waiting for the woman to react, she turned around and left. She got another cup of coffee, directly skipping over the woman and Lily.

At this moment, Lily was too scared to speak. In her eyes, Ivy was really rampant.

Lily comforted the woman as she hugged her.

When Ivy walked in front of them, she stopped, looked back at them and said indifferently, "Hey, two beauties, your saline bag fell out!"

That woman and Lily looked down without thinking twice and then looked at each other.

The employees of the company were all amused.

At this moment, Lily and that woman were so embarrassed that they wanted to bury themselves into the ground!

On the other side, Ivy knocked at the door with coffee and walked in directly.

"Boss, your coffee is ready! "

While they were talking, Ivy had brought the cup of coffee to Edgar.

Then, she turned around and was about to leave.

Just then, Edgar raised his head slowly and ordered coldly, "stop!"

Turning around, Ivy forced a smile and asked, "boss, anything else?"

Then Edgar threw the pen on the table and asked lazily, "Ivy, what's your chest length?"

Ivy was surprised. 'damn it! What's wrong with Edgar? Why did he ask her about that?

Seeing that Ivy was still in silence, Edgar became impatient. "What are you thinking about! I'm asking you! Are you deaf? "

Fine! Get angry!

When Ivy didn't know what Edgar was going to do, she just ran her fingers through her hair and smiled, "Hey, boss, you know the answer yourself."

With a darkened face, Edgar said, "no more nonsense! Just say it, or I'll take it as a break!"

Ivy let out a sigh and thought, 'How could it be! It's impolite for a man to ask a woman about her breasts.'!

'son of a bitch! How dare you ask me like that! You are a bully!' thought she!

But if she didn't answer him, he would take it as a break of contract. He was so unreasonable!

Therefore, even though Ivy didn't want to answer, she clenched her teeth and said, "B cup."

Then she turned around with a sad face, and returned to her position.

Ivy cursed in her heart, "You are a jerk! A jerk!

In fact, she was wrong.

The reason why Edgar came up with that question was that he was going to attend a party tomorrow. He wanted Ivy to be his female companion! So he asked.

It was time for him to prepare the clothes for the party!

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