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   Chapter 9 It's Not Bad!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6001

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The waiters served the dishes very quickly. All the dishes were served in a few minutes.

At that moment, what she was thinking was not food, but how much these expensive dishes cost.

She actually wanted to say, "boss, you can give me the money but not the dishes. I can eat buns." In this way, she can buy some nutrients for her senior sister's child.

But she just thought about it and didn't say or do anything.

Ivy knew very well how scheming this CEO was. Would he satisfy her? Obviously, he wouldn't!

Ivy beat her idea into pieces and took up her chopsticks, bowed her head and picked up some food.

Sure enough, the dishes cooked by upscale restaurants were different, delicious and good-looking.

Looking at her, Edgar frowned. She didn't have any manners at all. She even ate a big mouthful, as if she hadn't eaten for years.

He thought, every woman would pretend to be a lady in front of men, but how could this woman in front of him Not being a lady!

Edgar put down his chopsticks and leaned back, squinting at Ivy.

She had bad table manners, but this didn't affect Edgar's mood at all. On the contrary, in Edgar's eyes, she was always straightforward and not affected, unlike other women who always liked to pretend in front of him.

At that moment, "Edgar, why are you here?"

As the voice came to him from afar and nearer, he turned his head casually. When he saw the beautiful woman in a yellow dress, he smiled.

"Donna, long time no see!" There was a clear sense of coldness in his manner, which kept people away from him.

"What do you mean by 'long time'? If you want to see me, you won't keep your distance."

When this beautiful woman saw Ivy, her eyes flashed with disgust.

Donna was the daughter of the Wang family. She had thought about the one blind date with Edgar, so she thought she was just his girlfriend. At that date, Edgar was forced to come by his mother, but only a few times.

Then, the beautiful lady calmly showed her trademark smile and asked, "who is this?"

"My girlfriend!" Edgar said calmly. He just said it casually because he didn't want someone to spoil his good mood. But others were unsettled.


It was the first time that Ivy had taken a sip of champagne, and she was forced to spurt it all out onto Edgar's innocent plate.

She was choked to a point of blush. This God of plague was really crazy: "what else can I say?"

Then she continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

Donna was shocked too. She looked at the strange eyes of Edgar blankly. How could this be? They had been on a blind date the other day. How could he have a girlfriend now!

Her beautiful eyes turned red and she gave Edgar a push, her eyes full of sorrow.

"Edgar, what about me? Is everything over between us? "

"Donna, you know what kind of person I am. I have told you that it is impossible for us to be together. Don't make me say it again!"

After saying that, Edgar gave her a col

d glance. He had been a little agitated at the moment.

It was the signal of warning in Donna's eyes, which made her hand on his shoulder tremble slightly. Then her nose turned red and tears fell down silently.

Ivy lowered her head to eat and completely ignored what was happening here. Who was he? He was just her boss, and his intimate behavior with beautiful women had nothing to do with her! She was glad and it would be better if the woman could occupy her boss's time for a whole day, so that she could have a rest and didn't need to appear in front of him anymore.

Although Ivy always thought so, there was someone who did not fulfill her wish.

When she lowered her head to eat, Edgar suddenly kicked her under the table and squinted at her.

Ivy sighed! As expected, having lunch was a must. She had to pay for her meal.

She leaned back a little and knocked the table with chopsticks while clearing her throat. Then she turned to look at Donna and said jokingly, "Hey, beauty, could you please open your eyes and see clearly that his girlfriend is here? How could you get so close to him? I will be jealous! "

Donna rolled her eyes and didn't say anything. But her expression and eyes told Ivy that! You? A poor nobody!

Fine! She was disliked by her.

As a woman like Ivy, when she was despised and sarcastic, wouldn't she fight back?

Thus, at the same time, Ivy stood up and came up to Edgar. She pushed away Donna and sat on his legs.

She winked at Donna with a charming smile and said, "Hey, beauty, it's not proper for you to flirt with my boyfriend, you know! And do you know why my boyfriend doesn't like you? Look at your stiff face. Oh, look at your nose. Your nose is almost flat. And, look at your two salt bags. If one day my boyfriend has sex with you, and when he touched them, he not only touched the fakes but also needed to worry about their falling off from time to time. That would be a bad influence on his mood! "

With her eyes red with anger, Donna pointed at Ivy and said, "you !"

Ivy spread her hands out and said innocently, "What's wrong with me? I am telling the truth, isn't it? Besides, do you think that I'm not as beautiful as you? Not as hot as you? How could my boyfriend like you with all the fakes on your body? "

Then, she turned her head and raised his chin, "since you are so rational and you like me but not her, I will reward you!"

Upon finishing her words, she kissed him on the lips. Edgar was about to refuse. But to his surprise, he didn't push her away.

After kissing, Ivy even turned her head and showed her strength to Donna. She stuck out her tongue to her mouth and smirked, "well, it tastes good!"

Donna stared at the girl. The two persons in front of her flirted with each other. Then she took a look at Edgar, who had been fixing his eyes on Ivy, and said fiercely, "Edgar, you will regret what you have done to me one day. Just wait and see!" Then she ran out of the room awkwardly.

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