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   Chapter 8 Meet A Beautiful Woman

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The woman next to her stared at her with despise.

Although it was a moment, she still noticed it.

As for the vicious scheme of that woman, it was so obvious.

Fuck! She wanted to take advantage of her. No way!

Then, Ivy ran her fingers through her hair and crooked her finger, "Come here. Let me tell you."

The woman called Lily looked surprised. She smiled and leaned over.

With an enchanting smile, Ivy whispered in her ear, "You are dying to know my relationship with the CEO, aren't you?"

Lily nodded and said, "Okay, what is it?"


With curiosity all over her face, Lily asked, "What is it?"

"Your CEO and I had a one night stand. You tell me what it is. Surely it's the debt of love!" "

Lily covered her mouth and looked shocked, "you..."

"What's wrong with me! Don't you want the relationship between me and the CEO? I have already told you. Why are you surprised! Oh, by the way, don't you want to get up? Learn from me. Choose a dark night, take off all clothes and climb onto the CEO's bed, waiting for him to sleep. If you make him happy, he may promote you to his personal assistant! "

With a loud bang, Lily blushed and stamped her feet with anger. "You No! "

Ivy whistled and said, "do you want to scold me for being shameless! 'oh my God! Do you think you are a good bird? You want to be the CEO's mistress while you don't fuck admit that. I hate bitches like you the most! "

That woman called Lily blushed and trembled with anger. "I No! "

Although she really wanted to be the woman of the CEO, she knew she was not qualified. Therefore, she wanted to make good relationship with the woman who just got out of the CEO's car and push her down when necessary. Then she became the assistant of the CEO. As long as she stayed by the side of the CEO every day, it was still easy for her to become his woman?

Lily cried very sadly, as if Ivy had really bullied her, but she was just saying what was in her mind.

The more she cried, the sadder she looked. Other employees began to gossip because of her delicate side.

They were wondering who the hell this arrogant woman was!

Suddenly, Lily stopped crying. She stared at someone behind Ivy with a frightened look.

Those who chatted with each other had sat on their desks and worked hard.

Ivy was confused, 'What the hell is going on?

When she was thinking, Edgar grabbed her by the arm and forced her to turn around.

"Are you free now?"

Ivy raised her head and saw that Edgar was standing in front of her. She didn't know when he came.

She smiled and raised her eyebrows, "Well, boss. You are reviewing the work?"

Edgar always kept a poker face. He cast a cold glance at Ivy and asked, "You are stirring up trouble here? How idle you are! Does that mean the work I assigned to you is too little? "

Ivy touched her hair and said, "no, boss, you really wronged me. I just communicated with my colleagues. After all, we will work under the same roof in the f

uture! I didn't expect that Lily was so sad and helpless. She just told me her sad past and then cried. I had no choice! "

Flushed, Lily pointed at Ivy angrily, "you..."

'this woman is so shameless and hateful. How could she lie through her teeth!'!

He didn't care whether she was lying or not! or who 's the bully!

Just now, Edgar had been standing behind and watching her for a while. He suddenly found that although she was a bit shameless, she was very competitive. If he brought her with him, maybe she could help him solve some troubles.

Thinking of this, Edgar put his hands in his pockets and said to Ivy coldly, "Come with me!"

Ivy twitched her mouth in discontent! It must be something very troublesome!

Alas! After all, he was her boss!

So, without any hesitation, she just lowered her head and followed Edgar.

At the same time, she leered at Lily, as if she was saying, "Humph! You want to take advantage of me? I'll torture you to death!

Seeing her leave angrily, Lily was furious, but she could only hide on her desk and cry secretly.

Edgar drove them to a fancy restaurant.

Sitting at the table, Ivy looked at Edgar with vigilance. She didn't believe that Edgar would take her here for dinner. She had just pissed off the staff member in his company and made her cry!

Wasn't it weird that he was not angry but treated her to dinner after she made trouble in his company?

In fact, Ivy didn't want to bully that woman, but she had to make Edgar hate her and fire her. That would make the situation better.

She had stirred up trouble in his company. But unfortunately, the woman named Lily had offended her. What's more, that woman called Lily wanted to take advantage of her.

Then she started with Lily!

Ivy stopped thinking and saw a waitress who was wearing a red tie and a red jacket, bowing to Edgar and handing the menu to him with a smile.

"Sir, we have come out the latest Italian steak! Would you like to order something? "

He threw the menu in front of her and asked, "what do you want to eat?"

Ivy opened the menu and glanced at the expensive menu. She closed the menu and pushed the menu in front of Edgar. "Boss, you order the dishes. I'm okay with anything as long as you like it."

Edgar casually ordered a few of his favorite dishes to the waiter, and then waved his hand, motioning him to go downstairs. He frowned slightly and took off the sunglasses. Under the light, his eyes were as elegant as a jade plate. He was wondering why she said it was okay as long as he liked it. Didn't she have some favorites or something she liked to eat?

In fact, he didn't know that it was because of the poverty in her family when she was a child. For her entire day, the only thought in her mind was to eat well but not to die of hunger.

Therefore, when he asked Ivy about the menu, she only said that anything is okay!

In fact, she wanted to say that as long as she was full, it didn't matter what she would eat!

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