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   Chapter 7 The Scapegoat!

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Ivy stood up and prepared to leave.

At this time, a voice came from upstairs, "Ivy, from today on, you will live here. Take the place of Zelda. I will double your salary!"

Ivy paused and frowned, "why should I live here! "

At the moment, Edgar had changed into a white bathrobe and walked downstairs slowly.

It was undeniable that Edgar was so handsome in a bathrobe that he looked like a celestial being.

At the same time, he threw the documents in his hands coldly in front of Ivy.

He then said lazily, "The contract says clearly that you work in the company 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. In other words, you are on duty now. And during the office hours, you have to obey the boss. If I ask you to live here, you have to live here." Besides, don't think about getting fired or leaving, because the contract says clearly that if you don't listen to me this year, you will break the contract! "

Edgar's voice was very domineering, which meant that she had to follow his order!

Ivy felt very depressed. Why did this man always make things difficult for her? Damn it, damn it.

Ivy's hands, which were carrying her bag, tightened. Good! That's good. She could just live here. What was she afraid of? She had no money nor sex with men If he did, then what else could it be!

At the thought of this, she turned to the nanny Zelda's room mentioned by Edgar and slept.

At night, Ivy called Celine and told her to prepare dinner for herself.

Ivy thought she wouldn't be able to fall asleep on the bed since she knew which bed she was lying on. But she didn't expect that she had a sound sleep and even dreamed of her mother that night.

Edgar got up early every day, half past seven, and was punctual every day.

On the contrary, because Ivy dreamed of her mother last night, she was unwilling to wake up, Therefore, when Edgar put on his clothes and went downstairs to go out, Ivy was still sleeping.

Hearing that, Edgar frowned. He turned around and walked to the door of the room where Ivy was living.

Edgar knocked on the door for three times. Then he said in an indifferent tone, "You can't tidy up your things in five minutes. If you don't go to work with me, I will consider breaking the contract with you!"

As soon as he finished his words, he turned around and left. He didn't need to worry that she would run away. Because even if she broke the contract, she still had to pay him. One million was nothing to him, but it was a huge amount to her and she couldn't pay him back in the rest of her life. So if she wanted to escape, no way!

Sure enough, breaking the contract worked. When he stood up and looked back, he saw a slender white leg in a man's shirt dangling in front of him.

Ivy was a well-known beauty with a good figure. She was in a white shirt which accentuated her S-shape, which made every man jealous.

Edgar was a normal man. Of course, he would have some reaction, but he was a rational man.

The feeling came in an instant.

With a darkened face, Edgar said coldly, "who allows you to wear my clothes? Take them off!"

At the same time, Ivy combed her hair in a casual manner. She then gave a sweet smile to him before saying, "Why are you so angry? I don't have any clothes? The clothes last night were dirty and smelly. I can't wear them anymore, so I want to borrow yours. "

Hearing that, Edgar's face turned dark at once. Would he take her out wearing such a shirt? How many men's eyes would be

blind! no No way!

As a matter of fact, Edgar had the feeling that the lady in front of him was his private goods, but he didn't even know himself.

With a long face, Edgar took his phone out of his pocket and dialed, "Edward, buy a suit here quickly."

With a look of astonishment on Edward's face, Edgar hang up the phone. He cast a cold glance at Ivy's room and ordered, "Go back to your room and come out in three minutes!"

Ivy really wanted to fight against him, but she didn't. After all, she would have clothes to wear later.

Indeed, three minutes later, when Ivy came out, she saw a set of expensive women's clothes on the tea table. It was simple but elegant.

Holding the clothes in her hand, Ivy teased, "not bad!"

With a disdainful look, Edgar said, "cut the crap. Change it as soon as possible. If you are late for work, you can break the contract!"

Ivy gritted her teeth. Shit! Bad man. He always made others feel guilty for breaking the contract. She really had the urge to kill him and then escaped.

However, she only thought in that way. She really had no courage to do that.

Therefore, Ivy smiled brightly, "thank you, boss. I'll change it right away!"

Then, under Edgar's cold face, she took off the shirt and put on the woman's clothes.

Edgar was speechless, " "

After she got dressed, Edgar turned around.

She pursed her lips and thought, 'don't play possum!

"I'm ready. Boss, let's go! "

With a darkened face, Edgar walked out of the house without taking a look at her.

In this way, Edgar took her to HENGLI company.

In fact, on the road, Edgar really wanted to throw Ivy out of the car. When he saw that instead of taking herself as a subordinate, she thought he was her driver. Thinking of this, he felt very aggrieved.

However, on the second thought, what if such a shameless woman harms others?

Fine! Just let him do it!

When they walked into the company, Ivy followed Edgar and was looked at by a pair of unusual eyes.

Ivy touched her nose, closed her beautiful eyes and swaggered into the company.

Sitting at his desk, Edgar picked up the phone and said coldly, "come in, Michelle!"

At this time, a fat middle-aged man came in and said respectfully, "Mr. Edgar! What can I do for you? "

Pointing at Ivy, Edgar said to the manager, "take her to work."

As a result, Edgar didn't say a word to Ivy on their way to the company, even though they had been to the company.

Fine! I was ignored all the way.

It doesn't matter. I can find something to do and kill time. Anyway, I can get my salary today. What should I be afraid of!

In this way, she was arranged to print the file for the CEO and serve the coffee for him.

She sat in front of the desk and faced a computer. She felt very boring, so she clicked on some skin care items on the computer.

"Hey, is your name Ivy?

Nobody was watching them on work, so the woman beside the table knocked on the grey board between them and asked.


Seeing someone was talking to her on the first day, she immediately put her work aside and gave a friendly reply.

"My name is Lily. By the way, what's your relationship with the CEO? "

She looked at Ivy up and down, with a flash of contempt in her eyes.

But when she went to work just now, she clearly saw that the woman was from the car of the CEO. Although she was very jealous of her, if she got along well with this woman, it would be good for her future.

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