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   Chapter 6 shameless!

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At the sight of the almost perfect face, Ivy was almost sure that her position must be a means of being flattered by the handsome man in front of her.

Seeing that Edgar was so complacent, Ivy suddenly had an impulse to slap him to death.

Then she thought of the one million liquidated damages and forced herself to calm down, took a deep breath and exhaled.

She flipped her hair and wiggled her ankle in her high heels, then she put her arms around Edgar's neck and said with a charming smile, "Hey, it's you! I didn't expect you to be a CEO! Haha, not bad! "

Edgar pushed her away in disgust, "get your dirty hands off me! Don't touch me!"

Ivy whistled, "Shit! Do you dislike me! If my memory serves me right, we just had a one night stand on the bed. You have slept with me, but why are you still pretending to be innocent? Don't tell me you lost your memory on that day! "

Edgar's mouth twitched. He intentionally distanced himself from Ivy. He thought, 'every woman is reserved, isn't she? What the hell was this woman! Why was she......? Shameless!

Glancing at Edgar's disgusted face, Ivy despised him in her heart, 'humph, you deliberately pushed me to your side and now pretend to be disgusted. Isn't this fucking insane?

You want to be a bitch but you still want your loyalty to your family!

Ivy smiled coquettishly, "yes, you are right. Since you are my boss, it doesn't matter. Boss, what do you think my job is? Whatever you say! "

Taking a glance at her in disgust, Edgar ordered in a cold voice, "follow me!"

Then, without taking a look at Ivy, he turned around and walked into the villa.

Ivy rolled her eyes at him. "Humph! He is just a CEO? Don't be arrogant! "

Although, she also hated the feeling of being haughty, which was in his eyes.

But she still sighed and followed him in.

Fine! She shouldn't have signed that contract!

As soon as they entered the villa, she looked around.

Exclaimed Ivy! The room was luxuriously decorated, with an exquisite sofa, a large screen TV, a three-dimensional sound, a customized pair of glasses, a coffee machine, and a fruit plate on the coffee table. Each design was so perfect that everyone exuded a sense of luxury.

Edgar casually took off his coat and threw it on the sofa. He coldly glanced at her and said with disdain, "Ivy, I'm hungry. Go and cook for me!"

Ivy rolled her eyes at him? OK, I'll do it!

When Ivy came back, she had thought about it very clearly. Since the contract was signed, she would work here for a year. After a year, goodbye, we would go our separate ways.

In this year, she was going to save a man who was hungry, tall, and lacking of beating .

Besides, she could earn 5000 dollars monthly. The boss was so rich. Why not try to make a profit from him and improve the quality of life for Celine's parents and her elder sister's child.

With her mind wandering, Ivy quickly made a delicious tomato and egg noodle and brought it out from the kitchen.

She saw that Edgar was sitting in the living room and playing with his phone leisurely with his foot on the coffee table.

Ivy came over with a bowl of hot noodles and put it on the table.

"Boss, the noodles are r

eady. Enjoy yourself!"

Then she sat down on the sofa opposite to her, grabbed the fruit on the table and took a bite.

Edgar put down his phone and took a glance at the leisurely girl in front of him. He said coldly, "Stand up, Ivy. Is it the place where you could sit?"

Ivy was stunned and asked without thinking, "Damn it! Where do I sit? "

"Sit on the ground."

Ivy threw the apple aside, picked her ear and asked, "where is it?"

"On the ground!"

Fine! Edgar was the boss after all. At present, what she could do was to tolerate.

So, she stood up and clapped her hands. Then, she bent down and removed the precious leather sofa cushion.

Then she said nothing and lay on the floor casually. Throwing her shoes off, she sat down on the floor.

Seeing the habits of Ivy, Edgar's mouth twitched. Was she a woman? Did she know how to be a lady?

Edgar had thought that when he met this ungrateful woman again, he would torture her cruelly in order to let her know that he had not been a good man.

However, who can tell him why this woman wasn’t like other women who would,run out crying after being humiliated by him or cry to apologize?

This woman was not a schemer. She...

Then, he moved his eyes to the bowl of noodles and glared at it with his feet.


Hearing the sound of the broken bowl, Ivy turned her head to look at them.

He didn't care about her angry face at all.

So he said in a sexy voice, "Do it again. I'm not satisfied with it."

Hearing that, Ivy jumped up all of a sudden. She gritted her teeth and felt paralyzed. At last, she realized that the man against her was obviously trying to take revenge on her.

Well, very well. If she could not break the contract, she would ask Edgar to fire her. In this way, she would not have to pay the one million, nor need to work under him, nor need to face his self righteous face all day long.

At the thought of this, an idea occurred to Ivy suddenly. She walked to him barefoot and lifted his chin. "Boss, do you want to eat me? Tell me earlier. Do you want me to take a shower?"

She knew very well how rich second generation like Edgar were. They always had the kind of arrogance and disdain in their eyes. The only thing that could make him angry was to pretend to be shameless and shameless in front of him. In this way, as long as he got angry, she could leave obediently.

Although this kind of man was rich and attractive to every woman, she really didn't want to have anything to do with him. She didn't want to serve such a superior man.

With a darkened face, Edgar pushed her aside.

Ivy's hands were just pressed on the debris, "Ouch!" Ivy took a deep breath, biting her lips.

Edgar stood up and took a casual glance at her hand. He frowned when he noticed the blood streak on her hand.

Pretending not to see anything, he said coldly, "tomorrow, you come with me to the company!"

Then he turned around and went upstairs.

You are a shameless woman. Do you need empathy?

Then she took out some tissue and cleaned the wound.

She got up with the help of the sofa and calmed herself down.

This kind of injury didn't matter at all. She never needed to be pitied!

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