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   Chapter 5 why is it you again!

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Walking out of the gate of HENGLI Group, Ivy looked up at those glorious words.

Ivy raised her lips and secretly applauded in her heart. She didn't have relative money, experience and education, but she didn't expect that she would be able to work here. In other words, her miserable fate was about to change!

At the thought of this, Ivy really wanted to whistle to the handsome men on the street. Handsome men, I'm very happy today! Two dollars!

But on second thought, she had a foodie waiting for her, so she changed her mind.

She took out her phone decisively and dialed the number of foodie, "Hello, Celine, tell me, where shall we eat hot pot today, or the last time......"

Before she could finish her sentence, the black BMW stopped by her side and stopped in front of her. Before she could shout abuse, she saw Zach who interview her, getting out of the car.

Zach laughed and said, "Miss Luo, our CEO just called and asked you to come to work."

Ivy recovered from the shock and said, "I can't go there so soon. Didn't you say that we have to wait for next Monday?"

Zach shook his head immediately, "no, no, you'll do it right now!"

While they were talking, Zach had already dragged her into the car. If Ivy hadn't seen Zach just now and she was sure that he was the market manager of the HENGLI Group,

at this moment, Ivy would really doubt that if the guy involved in human trafficking!

Zach dragged Ivy to the car and didn't say anything. He just pressed the accelerator hard and drove away at a fast speed.

If the boss hadn't put pressure on him, he wouldn't have gone all out!

Originally, he just wanted to hire a little assistant in the marketing department, squatting in the market and basking in the sun. But by a call of the CEO, he promoted this little assistant directly to the CEO's assistant. What a position it was. Many beautiful women are trying to climb up to the position, but they just can't catch up with the title.

Although the woman in front of her was quite attractive, she had neither background nor experience. How could she get that position!?

What about his daughter? He had been looking forward to be Edgar's father-in-law!

If she had figured out what Zach was thinking, she would have given him a hard time! You! The CEO's father-in-law? Look at your pig face! Your daughter will not be beautiful!

Soon, they came to the downstairs of a luxurious villa.

After getting off the car, Ivy was a little stunned. It was......

When Zach got off the car, he saw that Ivy was in a daze. He pointed at the luxurious villa and said to Ivy, "Well, that's where you work!"

Ivy was a little confused, "Wait a minute! Where am I? "


ach replied with an innocent look, "You work here in your office!"

"Isn't I just an assistant to the marketing department?"

"No no no! You are now the assistant of the CEO! Private assistant! "

Now that she had heard this, she wanted to make sure whether there was something wrong. Besides, she was not stupid!

Suddenly, Ivy grabbed Zach's clothes and said angrily, "Damn it, Zach! Are you lying to me! 'is this the place for work?'? Personal assistant of the CEO! Why don't you say that I am a CEO's private mistress? "

What the hell! At this moment, Ivy finally understood why it didn't matter that everyone on that recruitment list had no experience, no education background or anything else. Damn it! Mistress, you don't need a degree!

At this moment, she had a strong feeling that she was fooled.

Ivy pushed Zach away and left.

Zach hurriedly stopped her, "Ivy, what are you going to do? Quit?"

Without looking back, Ivy scolded, "what the hell! I quit! "

Anyway, she is a good person. Be a mistress! What the fuck! How could she live her life if others knew it!

There was another reason. It must be either because the CEO was too ugly to see, or because he was mentally disabled that he found a mistress on the Internet!

As she walked away, Zach shouted, "Ivy, I'm telling you, if you go, you have to pay the liquidated damages and you'll give us one million!"

When Ivy heard the word "one million", she suddenly stopped and turned around. She ran back like a gust of wind, and then grabbed Zach by the arm and asked ferociously, "what's the penalty?"

At the moment, Ivy's eyes turned red, itching to tear Zach apart.

Zach was so scared that he quickly replied, "one million...!"

At this moment, Ivy nearly passed out. She blamed herself for being so careless that she had signed the contract without even checking it!

Just then, a white Ferrari sports car came in.

He stopped right in front of the BMW.

When the car door opened, a young man in a white handmade suit walked out slowly with a gold wristwatch wrapped around his wrist.

The man was wearing a pair of German limited boots with his back to Ivy, but she couldn't see his face.

Then, Zach hurriedly tidied up his clothes and trotted to the man's front respectfully, "CEO, you are back. I has brought Ivy to you!"

The man waved impatiently, "you can get out now!"

"Got it!"

Without another word, he turned and drove away.

Ivy looked at Zach who was scared out of his wits and left. She had planned to stop him.

However, when the man turned around, she was completely shocked, "It's you...?"

With a sneer, Edgar said, "Ivy, I didn't expect that you would be my assistant."

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