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   Chapter 4 meet again!

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Then, she went to the bedroom and said, "Celine, did you say you will find a job for me?" Where and when? "

Celine collected her thoughts and blinked, "Oh, they are recruiting an assistant from the HENGLI Group."

"What are the requirements?"

"No requirements!"

Ivy casually put on a T-shirt, combed her hair and asked, "No requirements? I don't think so. "

Nodding her head, Celine replied like a silly girl, "The recruitment information on the internet says: Recruit a female assistant for the CEO. She only needs to be healthy with casual appearance. There is no requirement on education background and experience. But she should be patient!That’s what matters."

Ivy crumpled into the sofa, raised her foot and trembled. She picked up a wrinkled apple from the coffee table, wiped it with her clothes and took a bite. "Is it really so good?"

It was impossible for Ivy to believe that a big company would recruit an assistant at such a low level. However, she couldn't care so much. Now she was too poor and in urgent need of money. Her elder sister's child was placed in Celine's home. Although there were someone to take care of it, she had to give her the money for milk powder! After all, the child was her nephew!

Thinking of that, Ivy raised her head and asked, "when?"

"Eight o'clock tomorrow!"

"Okay! I see! "

So the next day, wearing a business dress and a pair of high-heeled shoes, Ivy came to the downstairs of a large company. She raised her head and looked up. The magnificent building and the unique style of building made her mouth twitch.

Rich and willful!

The decoration is luxurious!

Ivy took out a small mirror from her bag and smiled at herself in the mirror. "Come on, Ivy, you can do it!"!

She put the mirror back into her bag and walked up the stairs in high heels.

On her way here, she had thought about it very clearly. Today, no matter what happened, she would get this job, or she would really have to spend the night in the streets!

After entering the Luo group and asking the receptionist about the place one by one, she went to the interview room with excitement.

The middle-aged man waiting for her was very friendly. When he asked her about her requirements one by one, she simply explained that she would feel comfortable as long as her salary could reach her requirement.

"Wages of 5000. Are you willing to work?"

"Of course!" She nodded in surprise! This job, as expected, was God's gift to her. She was poor.

"But you have too much work to do. Can you do it?" Asked the middle-aged man, while removing his glasses.

Without any hesitation, she nodded and said, "no problem!" Swoosh! That's 5000 per month! It's no problem even if she works in the company!

Then the uncle took out a contract with joy and Ivy signed it even without looking at it.

Ivy walked out of the manager's office briskly with the contract in her hand. What a lucky day! She bit her lips and even wanted to laugh out loud. She turned around and looked around. Everyone else was busy. She would laugh at herself when she got home and tucked herself in.

She turned into the corridor and walked towards

the elevator. Coincidentally, the elevator door was opened and there were many people, all dressed in suits.

At this moment, the ringtone of a particular song, "you are my apple..." rang.

Ivy picked up the phone and looked down at the screen of the phone. "Bad girl", she laughed a few times and talked to the phone with her high voice, smiling brightly, "Celine, I passed the interview!"

"Wow, that's so great, sister. I don't have to eat instant noodles with you every day!"

Ivy, "......"

'Damn it! The bitch just despise the poor food in their buffet. Okay, she admitted that the food was a little bad. But she always let the silly girl eat two portions of food!

In fact, Ivy felt warm in her heart. In order to make Celine's parents take care of her elder sister's child with all their heart and ease the burden for them, Celine didn't take her family money but did part-time jobs with her.

Thinking of this, Ivy's voice softened, "good girl, wait for me at home. When I go back, I will take you to eat hot pot!"

Then she hung up the phone.

She stood outside the elevator, wild with joy. Suddenly, a warm thing was placed on her waist. She moved her body awkwardly and finally was convinced that it was a big hand!

'damn it! How dare he take advantage of me in the crowded space!'! Do you think I'm a pushover! Then, Ivy moved her head a little and quietly lifted her foot. Without even looking at it, she gave the guy behind her a hard kick on his bright foot!

She heard a little hiss from her back and a low voice: "damn woman!" He cursed!

She frowned. Why was the voice a little familiar? She turned her head back and saw a familiar, extremely beautiful face. She exclaimed, "Why are you here?"

It wasn't someone else, but the man who had a one night stand with her.

She wanted to teach this bastard a lesson at first, but the door of the elevator opened very fast, and someone else urged her to leave.

Hence, she clenched her fists and sneered, 'never mind. There will be other opportunities.'.

He was working here. Did he send parcels for a living!? ha-ha! It was obviously impossible!

Ivy glared at Edgar and thought, 'humph! 'Just wait and see! When I start my work here, you'll regret for what you've done!' She thought furiously!

Then she stormed out of the elevator.

He moved his aching foot a little! If it hadn't been an important meeting waiting for him, he wouldn't have let her go so easily! It was not until he heard the girls talking in front of him that he realized it was her. He had intended to "greet" her! Who would have thought that she would tread on his foot so hard.

Hearing that, a smile played at the corners of Edgar's mouth. He said to Edward, who was still in a daze, "you go to check what that woman is doing here." Then he walked out of the elevator leisurely.

But when Edward caught up with Edgar, he said, "okay!"

How could it not be okay! Since he heard that woman had left, Edgar had never treated him well. Every day he arranged work for him, he couldn't finish it! what! 'I did nothing!'! He found that ever since this woman appeared, she would always affect Edgar’s mood!

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