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   Chapter 3 the damned woman!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6799

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Ivy walked out of the room, wrapped in her bed sheet. The moment she stepped out of the elevator, she ran into a stylish man.

When the man saw Ivy, he was shocked, and then contemptuously thought that she must be a mistress who was caught cheating on someone.

Seeing the man's disgusted eyes, Ivy cleared her throat and asked, "What are you looking at? Didn't you know that this year this skirt was in a fashion? Easy to rip them apart! "

The man rolled his eyes at her and cursed, "humph! What's wrong with you?"

Ivy walked out of the door and turned around, "Oh, shit, are you nut?!"

Then she left the hotel and swaggered away, completely ignoring his sullen face.

In fact, Ivy wanted to dig a hole in the ground to hide. However, she had no place to go and no one to help her. She could only rely on herself.

At the thought of that, her eyes were fixed on passangers’ gaze along the street. Without hesitation, she called a taxi and got into it

At the same time, Edgar had just woken up in the hotel. After bathing, he walked slowly to his bed. Seeing the piece of paper on the bedside table, he held it between his slender fingers.

The more he read, the more frowned he became.

"Hey, handsome! Pretty good! You worked very hard last night. I'm very pleased that you serve me well with your big weapon. Again, I thumbed up for you. I wanted to give you more money, but I took out only ten from my pocket. Well, I will reward you! Don't think it is too little. It's already a miracle that I can be so generous to you, Don't worry, I'm not suffering from venereal disease and I don't have AIDS. I'm very healthy. And, yesterday is my first night, that's to say, you are not at a loss.

To avoid more embarrassment in the future, it's better not to see you again. You didn't leave your phone number or wechat number, and it was all right. Goodbye, no! I don't want to see you. I hope you can meet a relatively generous boss. Fuck her hard, and you will have a lot of money! blow a kiss....

He crumpled the paper into a ball and tore it up in an instant.

Damned woman! How could she treat him as......

Then he took his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number, "Edward, come to drive me home!"

After saying that, he sat down on the sofa and took out a box of cigarettes. He lit one and watched the cigarette slide upwards gently, lost in thought

A moment later......

"Ding Dong!"

"Come on in! "

At this time, a man walked in from outside, wearing a handmade T-shirt and a slim jeans. He wore a bunch of golden earrings.

He was Edward!

Edward walked in respectfully. When he saw the messy room and the bloodstain on the bed.

Suddenly, he got a nasty shock! What was going on? 'how did Edgar get raped? Or did the beautiful lady succeed in plotting against him? '?

A myriad of thoughts flooded he.

Although Edward was an assistant of Edgar, he grew up in the Luo Family. They had a very good relationship!

Walking up to Edgar, taking a look at him from top to bottom, Edward asked, "Edgar... What are you doing? Raped? Or"

Edgar's face was black, and he glanced at him coldly, making Edward trembling with fear, “I was wrong.”

Edward whispered in his ear, "is it possible that someone else has slept with you and then kicked you off?"

Hearing that, Edgar didn't say a word. At the moment, his handsom

e face looked even darker.

Seeing that, Edward screamed in astonishment. "Oh my God! It can't be true, can it! My God, who was so strong and dared to do this to you? "

Edgar put out the cigarette and asked, "are you free now?"

Shrugging, caressing his nose, Edward said, "He-he! No, I am just curious! "

Well, he admitted that he was evil. In fact, when he saw Edgar's unhappy face, he felt very happy! After all, Edgar was always rational in bed. But this time he was so negligent. How could he not admire the woman who made him lose control!

Hearing that, Edgar's face turned darker and darker. With his cold eyes, he shot towards Edward and said, "is that so funny! I don't mind your real identity will hit the headlines tomorrow. "

What a straight threat! Someone immediately stopped smiling and said with his teeth clenched, "recently, there is news from the United States that some people are stirring up trouble recently. Knowing that you haven't been there to take care of that place recently, they have been sending someone to do something."

Turning the glass in his hand, Edgar asked in a low voice, "how did Kent handle it?"

Edward resumed his serious look and said, "Kent used some small maneuvers. Sometimes, when they were a little bit excessive, he would use half of his strength to play with them. However, sometimes, he would simply turn a blind eye to what they did as they couldn't cause any big trouble."

"Well, they can't do anything! And please attend the meeting on my behalf!

"Okay," Edward agreed, “Edgar, have a good rest here. I'll go back and get ready. "

Turning around, he was about to leave. "Wait!" He withdrew his right leg quickly. He said to himself: ha ha, just take a look at it. Maybe God is kind to me. Edgar has changed his mind and there is no need for me to help him deal with those old foxes in the company. By the way, fighting with a group of old foxes is a crazy game.

"Check all the guests staying in this hotel last night for me. Any of them should be there!" Edgar clenched his fists.

A cold light flashed across his eyes! 'Damned woman! I will get even with you for this. How dare you play tricks on me? You will pay for this!'!

Hearing that, Edward's mouth twitched and had an impulse to faint. 'oh my God!

Shit! Anyone in this hotel? He would be tired to death!


At the same time, she put on a half sheet and walked out of the car. She took out twenty dollars from the socks and passed it to the driver who was staring at her with his blurred eyes all the way. She turned around and walked into a normal building for families.

Originally, Ivy wanted to teach the driver a lesson who had been staring at her. However, she thought that the most important thing now was to find a coat to wear, so she kindly let the driver go.

Then she went up to the fourth floor.

"Ding Dong."

"The door is not locked?"

A sweet looking beauty opened the door.

She was shocked to see Ivy in such a attire, "Damn it! Where were you going? You look like a drowned mouse!"

Ivy flipped her hair and walked in, "You know nothing! It's fashion!"

In fact, she didn't want her silly sister to know about yesterday's blind date. There were two reasons. First, she didn't want her to feel guilty. Second, she didn’t want her to know that she had slept with a man after being drugged!

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