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   Chapter 2 how could this be

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Edgar opened his mouth and said coldly, "Who are you? Why are you in my room? "

Ivy couldn't help but step forward and touched his smooth skin.

Ivy was thinking how a man's skin could be such fair!

But when she was about to put her hand on the man's shoulder, he dodged in disgust.

Who was the man? His name was Edgar Luo, who was the CEO of HENGLI Group. He was a well-known golden Bachelor in a city. He was the most handsome and richest man in every woman's heart because of his powerful background.

Countless women tried every means to sleep with him, but they all failed and got kicked out of his office every day.

At this moment, Ivy was one of those women who wanted to have sex with him.

Glancing at Ivy in disgust, Edgar Luo shouted, "I ask you to get out!"

"Ha-ha, do you really think that I have a crush on you? I just want to see how smooth your skin is. It's really beautiful!"

Edgar Luo frowned.

What the hell was wrong with this woman?

Turning to Ivy, he shouted, "Fuck off!"

"Don't be so mean? I just want to use your washroom. "

As she was speaking, Ivy walked inside. To be honest, she really tried so hard to restrain her sexual impulsion. Otherwise, she would have run out of her mind and pushed down the handsome man in front of her!

Not long after she walked into the bathroom, she was dragged out by a pair of big hands, and then slammed at the door, "Get out!"

She tightened her grip on his bathrobe and didn't let him go.

What the hell! Bullshit! She didn't want to ruin her purity by going out like this! So, she would never let him go!

However! As a result...... Alas!

"Rip off!" Ivy directly ripped off the man's bathrobe.


Only a handsome man with such a curvy figure could be seen in Ivy's eyes!

"Oh my God!"!

If she could control herself just now.

The next second, Ivy didn't know how to restrain the impulse!

At this moment, all she thought about was the man's body.

Ivy tried hard to climb up the man, faced with the man's murderous eyes, and she directly ignored it!

Damn! What are you doing?

Ivy put her hand over something and licked her tongue. "What do you think! Of course... "

Ivy covered the man's mouth before she could finish her words!

The man wanted to avoid it, but somehow he didn't push her away.

The more he kissed her, the tighter he wanted her!

The room temperature was getting hotter and hotter. Ivy's body was hotter and hotter. She kissed Edgar while dragging him to bed.

Feeling the abnormal temperature on her body, the stupid man could feel the abnormality in her, let alone the smart Edgar!

The woman in front of him had been d

rugged, and she was looking for antidote, or the woman was playing a domineering play of her own.

At the thought of this, he let go of Ivy and pushed her away.

"Bang!" Ivy was pushed to the ground.

"Damn it! Are you fucking insane? Push me? You are not attracted to the beauties! Fuck! Are you a gay? "


At the moment, Edgar's handsome face darkened.

All of a sudden, she was pulled up by a pair of big hands and thrown on the bed, which made her very hot.

"Damn it! Can you act more gently... "

Before she finished her words, she was interrupted by a sudden kiss.

"I will show you whether I am a gay!"

At first, Edgar was abnormally calm. But at this moment, he even wanted to sleep with her.


When the morning light came into the room through the window and shone on their heads, Ivy rubbed her eyes, stretched out her arms and thumped a quilt on one side of her leg.

It was so hard! The unfair treatment! Annoyed, Ivy opened her eyes and dazedly saw the handsome man who was sleeping in front of her. She just wanted to scream.

Suddenly, she remembered what had happened yesterday. She patted her own head with regret. Dick! It's a great loss that she gave all her purity to this man yesterday.

But she would feel a little better when she glanced at his sleeping face. At least, this man was good-looking.

She then got out of the bed and looked at the clothes she wore yesterday. She felt so embarrassed! Shit! Everything was torn clean, even her underwear was thrown in the fish tank. How could she go out!

She jumped off the bed and looked around. 'no way! He didn't even wear a shirt!

All of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain in her teeth......

She felt great. But how could she go out without clothes on?

Seeing that the man was about to wake up, Ivy became very anxious!

What if this man woke up and called her to take responsibility for what she had done?

But she had nothing on her. She even took a burden with her.

At the thought of this, she felt that the only thing she could do at the moment was to run!

So, Ivy lifted the sheet, wrapped herself, put on her shoes and ran outside.

Originally, she wanted to use the man's bathrobe, but it was torn in half by Ivy. She cursed in her heart, 'Poor wretch! Why not choose a bathrope with better quality

However, before she stepped out the door, she turned back as if she remembered something.

Then she blinked and looked around. When she saw the pen and paper on the table, she smiled.

Then, she grabbed a pen and paper, and started to write! She wrote several words on the paper.


She put the paper down, turned around and left.

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