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   Chapter 826 A Car In The Dark

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Cassandra changed into black casual clothing. As her head was still wrapped in gauze, she couldn't wear a hat. If it was in normal times, she would never go out in such shabby look.

She had no choice but to sacrifice herself for the sake of Martin.

Moore had been waiting for her at the door. When he saw Cassandra coming, he looked at Cassandra from the rearview mirror. The scene that she walked to the door of the operating room from the drizzle last night flashed through his mind unconsciously.

He admitted that in that kind of situation, other women might not be able to do that. In his eyes, this woman who was like a loser did seem to have her own differences, but this did not mean that he had accepted her as Martin's wife.

Cassandra opened the door and sat down on the passenger seat. While fastening the seat belt, she turned to look at Moore, "Moore, look at the gauze on my head. Is it very ugly? It's too bad for my appearance."

Moore was speechless.

He couldn't answer this, and every time he heard Cassandra call him "Moore", he felt a little funny, but it was better than calling him "son".

"By the way, Carlos is also injured. People always say eating what you having been injured to replenish your strength. Let's buy some pork feet to make soup for him, and make some dishes he likes to eat. Dr. Kevin said that he was injured in his arm, so there is no need to be afraid of it. What's more, Marcus said that he wanted to eat sweet and sour spareribs. How could a man like an iron tower like such a small fresh dish? It's incredible... "

Holding the steering wheel tightly with his hands, the veins on his forehead bulged. It took him a long time to suppress the impulse to slap her.

He was wrong. Even if this woman really liked Martin and was obsessed with Martin's beauty, he would never admit that this kind of talkative woman was his stepmother!

This was his last stubbornness!

At the same time, Cassandra had endured it for many times, so she finally didn't ask the question that had been hovering in her mind

, and the shopping cart was full of a lot of things, except for some food materials, most of them were bought for Martin.

After paying the bill, the two of them came out of the supermarket. With two heavy shopping bags in his hands, Moore finally understood why such a rough woman like Cassandra dragged him to the supermarket. That scum woman simply used him as a free labor. Damn it!

When they arrived at the parking lot, Moore put away the shopping bags and then walked to the driver's seat. For some reason, he always felt that someone was staring at him behind, but there was nothing behind him.

Was he too nervous?

Without thinking too much, he opened the door and got in the car. Then he started the car and went back to the hospital.

Not far away from their car, a black Bentley car was quietly parked there. In the driver's seat, sat a man with short milk gray hair.

Until the car of Cassandra's car disappeared, the man's eyes were still fixed at the exit. His dark purple eyes were very deep and remote, as if he was trying hard to restrain a kind of looming attachment.


There seemed to be two clusters of flames jumping in the man's eyes. In a vast and fragmented light, it was as if he would be burned to ashes slowly.

At this time, Cassandra, who was totally unaware of it, sat in the passenger seat and kept chattering.

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