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   Chapter 824 The Logo Appeared Again

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Bettina was stunned. She poked Lenny's arm and said, "Well... Doctor, is a boyfriend counted for a family member? "

The doctor's hair and beard turned white. Hearing this, his blood pressure soared in an instant and he almost fainted. He could not calm himself down until his eyes were glued to Lenny. "Well...yes. Well, the family should pay the hospitalization fee. "

Lenny nodded slightly, "Thank you."

As soon as Lenny finished his words, he took the receipt and went to pay the bill. Looking at Lenny's back, Bettina guessed that even Lenny himself didn't realize it. He didn't deny that he was a family member of Arthur just now.

He didn't deny...

After paying the bills, Lenny put the receipt and the hospitalization card under Arthur's pillow. He was still in a coma. His legs were injured because of the explosion. His feet were in thick plaster, and there were some bruises on his head and arms. He was wrapped in gauze like a standard mummy.

Bettina and the others stood in the room, and there was a strange dead silence in the air.

After a while, Bettina couldn't help saying, "well, Mr. Lenny, since such a big case has just been solved, the police station is really busy. Our boss is out of danger for the time being. We, we won't disturb you two. We'll withdraw first. Call me if anything happens, okay?"

Bettina's heart was filled with tears. Didn't these two men think that staying with each other alone would create two more intensive public display of affection?

Now she just wanted to blind herself. How could she be so blind at that time? How could she have a crush on Arthur?

After taking a look at the crowd, Lenny nodded and said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Go ahead. If you have any new clues, call me as soon as possible."

Bettina flattered him and left with her team members. Lenny sat on a black sofa in front of the bed, and his dark eyes were fixed on the unconscious Arthur.

Two murders... The scene... Explosion

enly didn't know whether he should be happy or sad. The child who used to cling to Martin seemed to have grown up, but sometimes, the price of growing up was always too high, but no matter what, Lenny finally stopped clinging to a crooked tree.

Carlos smiled, "Okay, if you think the conditions there are not good, tell Kevin to transfer him to another hospital. You don't have to come and go so troublesome."

"Okay." replied Lenny.

Carlos said, "If there is nothing else, I have to hang up."

After hanging up the phone, Carlos' face turned cold all of a sudden. He immediately pulled out the needle on the back of his hand, and the bright red blood drops flowed out from the needle hole. He didn't care so much and got out of bed directly.

In the lounge.

Dressed in black, Moore was leaning against the sofa. His long legs were placed on the black tea table in front of him, and the back of his hand was casually placed on his forehead, covering nearly half of his face.

On the tea table, there was a stack of photos scattered, beside which was a file that had just been sent.

There was a strange dead silence in the air, and the huge space seemed to be frozen into ice.

Carlos pushed the door open and saw such a quiet scene. He moved his throat and coughed, "What are you doing, Moore?"

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