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   Chapter 823 Who Is The Patient's Family

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Cassandra stayed in the ICU until Kevin came to drive her away in person. These two days, they showed off their love every day. Now it was a matter of life and death, and she didn't know to restrain herself. It was true.

When Cassandra came out of the ICU, she found that Lenny was missing. It seemed that Lenny hadn't shown up since just now. Was that guy finally moved by her and no longer had a crush on Martin?

"Sister -in-law, I think you'd better go back and have a good rest. You see, if you catch a cold and infect Master, it will be troublesome." Kevin said with a trace of warning calmly.

Two small blue veins stood out on Cassandra's forehead, and she said "This cold is nothing. It will recover in minutes. Don't fool me with Martin. I'm not that kind of person."

Kevin was speechless.

'Well, you return to be garrulous. It seems that there is really nothing serious, but I don't know what's going on with Lenny.'

In a hospital of the the capital city.

This hospital was not as good as J hospital. As soon as Lenny entered the building, he saw the crowd and moving heads. He frowned subconsciously. If it weren't for the fact that Arthur was having an operation, he would never have placed him in such a place.

He passed through the noisy crowd and went to the operating room. Bettina and Rolf were all waiting outside the operating room.

"How is he?" With great difficulty, Lenny walked over. He had just come back from an operating room, and he must be able to wait for Arthur from another operating room.

Bettina's eyes were swollen from crying. She wiped her face and said, "The blood has just arrived, and the operation is still going on. We don't know what's going on."

Hearing this, Lenny stared at the door of the operating room in silence. After a while, he said in a hoarse voice, "He will be fine."

Bettina looked at him blankly. At that moment, she suddenly felt that something on Lenny had changed, but she couldn't tell what it was.

After standing up for a long time, Lenny finally remembered to ask Bettina, "What's going on? Didn't you go to investigate the scene? How could it

he phone, Lenny went back to wait. The time seemed to lengthen indefinitely. He stood quietly outside the operating room, waiting for the end of the operation.

He thought that if he didn't come, would that person be so angry that he wouldn't come back? He knew that person was always so capricious and he couldn't afford to gamble, so he stayed with him all the time.


These two words were like a heavy weight on his heart. He didn't know what he was doing or what the meaning of his doing was. There was a storm in his calm heart, but he just stood there quietly and didn't let anyone know.

After a long time, the light of the operating room finally went out.

Lenny suddenly found that he had been waiting here for such a long time, but now he was suddenly afraid to hear the answer. He was afraid that the doctor couldn't tell him the answer he wanted to hear, and he was afraid that... He was afraid that Arthur would leave him alone.

It seemed that a thorn suddenly appeared under Lenny's feet, and he could not take a step forward.

Bettina wiped the tears on her face and rushed up with a big stride, as if she was a dutiful child. She asked, "Doctor, how is our boss? Is he still alive? "

The doctor took off his mask and said, "The patient is out of danger for the time being, but his legs are seriously injured. We have to observe for a while first. Who is the family of the patient?"

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