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   Chapter 822 He Likes You So Much

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Although Arthur was scolded, he was overjoyed in his heart. If it weren't for the wrong time and atmosphere, he, would have done something indecent to him before leaving.

Arthur reached out and pressed on Lenny's shoulder, "Well, I'm not teasing you. I'm leaving now. Call me if you need anything."

Lenny didn't say anything more. Arthur left sensibly, but they didn't expect that after Arthur left, the two almost separated forever.

The world was unpredictable. No one could predict what would happen next.

Time passed by slowly. It was not until the day broke and the rain stopped that the door of the operating room finally opened. Hawk and Kevin walked out of the operating room, exhausted. The two of them were stained with blood.

The moment the door was opened, Cassandra rushed up and grabbed Kevin's wrist, as if she had come back to life. "How is Martin?"

Kevin knew that she was worried about Martin, so he didn't care about his painful wrist and said, "Thanks to doctor Hawk, the operation went smoothly. Don't worry, sister-in-law. Master's life is not in danger for the time being, but his condition is really special, so he is sent to the ICU for observation first. After 24 hours, he will be completely out of danger."

As soon as he finished speaking, Cassandra blacked out and fainted.

She had tried her best to hold on since last night. Now when she heard that Martin was not in danger for the time being, she was relieved and couldn't hold on any longer.

Blue veins stood out on Kevin's forehead. He muttered, "Damn it! What's wrong with you two? You are really weaker than each other! Why did she faint from time to time? How much should you pay for my overtime work? "

Carlos was so anxious that he was about to cry. Master was still in danger, and his sister-in-law fainted again. He couldn't do this job.

The group of people hurried to send Cassandra to have a check-up. Fortunate

d sent it there as soon as possible.

In the ICU of J hospital.

After Carlos and others came in and had a look, they all consciously left, leaving Cassandra alone in front of the bed.

Cassandra held Martin's hand tightly and her eyes were empty. It was not until she held Martin's hand and felt his temperature that she could believe that Martin was really alive.

Martin was still wearing an oxygen mask, and there was white mist in it, which made him unable to speak. He could only look at Cassandra quietly.

With an aggrieved look on her face, Cassandra showed all the fears she had endured on her face. She held Martin's hand and muttered, "Martin, you lied to me again. You were injured, why didn't you let them tell me?"

She said with grievance, and her eyes were red, full of pity and sadness.

Martin just woke up. Because of the wounds on his body, he hadn't recovered much and couldn't speak. He could only hold her hand and comfort her silently.

Cassandra sniffed, "Well, I just said a few words to you. Don't move. Besides, if you dare to lie to me again next time, I will never talk to you again. Do you hear me?"

She was afraid that if Martin kept it from her, she would not even be able to see him for the last time. It would be too cruel for her.

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