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   Chapter 820 Behave Yourself

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6997

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As soon as Hawk finished his words, everyone was confused. Did these masters like to be abused now?

He not only wanted more scenes, but also asked for a role with an extremely miserable background.

It seemed that Cassandra finally came to her senses. She didn't focus her eyes on Hawk. She tightly grasped Hawk's hands, as if she was grasping the last straw to save her life. "As long as you can save Martin, I can promise you anything!"

Hawk smiled and said, "Deal. I'll go in and check on him now. Don't forget what you have promised me."

Cassandra nodded immediately and said in a hoarse voice, "No, no, I won't forget it."

Hawk nodded slightly and then walked towards the door of the operating room.

Hope was like a hanging wire. No one knew what would happen to them if they waited.

Time seemed to lengthen indefinitely. The corridor outside the operating room was deathly silent, and the sound of the needle dropping could be heard.

At Somtime bar, the capital city.

This place was a famous bar street in the capital city. There were countless bars. Although they looked the same from the outside, there was a different view inside.

The Somtime bar was the most eye-catching bar on the street. Most of the people coming in and out of the bar were high-class white-collar workers and rich masters and ladies. They were very generous. The bar was very lively in the evening. Everyone on the street knew that the Somtime bar was a place for squandering money.

In the bar.

People in the hall shook their heads fiercely, and the whole ground shook because of the heavy metal rock music. The colorful lights shone on the whole bar, as if it had fallen into a magic. On the stage, there were all hot and bony beauties, who were trying hard to twist their bodies to attract attention.

There were a total of two floors in the bar, and the second flood had some independent private rooms. Only the top VIPs of the bar were qualified to enjoy them, and some of them were even booked for a long time. Without the owner's permission, others had no right to enter.

glass of wine is to apologize to him."

After saying that, Susan raised her head and drank up the wine in her glass. Then she picked up the glass in front of Director Ma and said, "I'd like to propose a toast to you, Director Ma. I wish you a big selling of your new play."

After drinking the second glass of wine, Susan felt dizzy. Everything seemed to be reversed, and her temples were swollen, as if they were about to explode.

The cup in Susan's hand fell to the ground and broke into pieces. Director Ma was so drunk that he rushed over and held her in his arms. The fat man stared at Susan with a smile. The two of them lifted Susan and left the room together.

Susan's eyelids were heavy and her head was about to explode. She wanted to push away the two men, but the two men were too strong for her to do so. She leaned weakly in his arms. At that moment, she finally realized that this was a trap set up by them.

How dare they do this to her!

Her body only belonged to Roger. She would be the hostess of GR Clan in the future. How could she be destroyed by these two scums?

Susan wanted to take out her phone to call the police, but as soon as she touched her phone, the fat man slapped her. "Damn it! Bitch! Do you still want to call the police? Don't you know what kind of person you are? Only the two of us think highly of you can play with you. Behave yourself! "

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