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   Chapter 819 He Could Save Master

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6384

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"What are you doing here? Go get the car ready! " Didn't he see that she was so anxious?

Why didn't he see anything?

Marcus said in a low voice, "No need to be go."

Cassandra rolled her eyes at him, "What do you mean by 'no need'? Huh... "

Before she could finish her words, her voice suddenly stopped, as if she had finally realized something. She grabbed Marcus' collar and said, "Tell me the truth. Do you know something? Say something! "

Looking at Cassandra, Marcus couldn't help saying, "Master told us not to tell you."

Cassandra's face suddenly darkened, "What do you mean by saying that he doesn't allow you to tell me? Well, you don't want to tell me, right? I'll find it myself! "

After saying that, Cassandra shook off Marcus' collar, turned around and walked out. Suddenly, a low and hoarse voice of Marcus came from behind. It was like a knife, gently piercing through Cassandra's heart, but making her feel as if she were dead.

"Master was attacked on the way back. He was shot in the abdomen and is being rescued. Before Master fainted, he ordered not to tell you the news. He doesn't want you to be sad."

At that moment, there seemed to be a thunder on the ground. Cassandra's face turned pale and staggered, almost falling to the ground.

"Sister-in-law!" Marcus shouted in a hoarse voice and held Cassandra's arm.

Cassandra felt dizzy and the world was shaking. She shook off Marcus' hand and asked, "Where is he?"

"He's in the building nearby. Dr. Kevin is still operating on him."

Before Marcus could finish his words, Cassandra staggered out of the building. Marcus was worried about her, so he followed her carefully. For several times, he saw that Cassandra almost fell down. He wanted to help her up, but she just struggled to stand up and continued to walk forward.

Martin's exclusive medical area was very close, so it was only a few minutes' walk

t oasis. A hint of joy appeared on his face, "Yes! How can I forget him? Marcus, take your men to find Hawk right now. Make sure to find him back as soon as possible! "

When Martin was incurably ill, Hawk could save him, and now he must be able to save Martin!

"Boom -"

In the dark sky, a thunder struck down, and a faint voice suddenly came from the gate.

"Oh God, I'm in a hurry to save people. Could you please do me a favor? Don't thunder." At the gate, a man in a plain white robe and a bamboo hat on his head clasped his hands and bowed to the sky.

It was Hawk.

Hawk walked slowly towards the crowd with a very kind smile on his face. "Are you looking for me? I just finished my work. Don't you know that the director is so insightful that he thinks I did a good job and added two minutes to the play? "

Everyone was speechless.

How could he talk so much nonsense?

Carlos resisted the impulse to slap him, "Mr. Hawk, you came just in time. My Master was seriously injured this time. As long as you can cure my Master, we can pay as much money as you want."

Hawk put his hands together and said, "As a monk, I don't care about money... Cassandra, can you shoot more scenes next time and arrange an extremely miserable life story for me? "

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