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   Chapter 783 The Last Chance

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6888

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"The worst result is to die with you. Martin, I'm willing to die for you." Cassandra continued his unfinished words.

In the past, she was just afraid of him. She always felt that his body was full of cruelty, and the smell of blood was too strong. Wrapped in black clothes, how cold and ruthless his heart was? But now, she really wanted to ask him if he would always feel that life was too bitter alone.

But she couldn't ask, and only pity remained in her heart.

Martin didn't expect to hear her saying that, and his heart had not been softened for many years, as if the sealed fragility, like a trapped beast breaking through the cage, shook his internal organs.

The night was long. The late light finally tore the night apart, leaving a white light.

No matter how long and cold the night was, it would eventually pass.

Perhaps it was because he had stood for too long, or perhaps it was because Cassandra's words were too shocking that Martin couldn't stand steadily for a moment. With a slight shake of his shoulder and a faint smile on his pale lips, he asked, "Cassandra, are you really willing to do that? This is your last chance. "

He was never a good man and had never thought that he would end up well. But if she was with him, he would not feel bitter anymore.

Raising her eyebrows slightly, Cassandra resumed her usual dandiacal manner and said, "I do. You are so beautiful and rich, and I have no reason to refuse, right?"

In this world, everyone had his own way to live. Some people risked their lives for the country, some people sacrificed their lives for their confidants, and some people did nothing in their lives, while she lived for Martin, sharing life and death with him.

Martin felt his heart stopped beating all of a sudden. His mind was blank. Countless past fragments flashed by.

The light broke through the dark clouds, and the day and night alternately, over and over again, never late, nor absent.

Martin raised his eyes slowly, blood streaks clinging to his eyes, and a fearless and innocent smile

lly you? Why are there so many wounds on your body? Does it hurt? "

The little boy sat on the cold ground pitifully and threw the wild flowers in his hands on the ground, ignoring her.

The little girl didn't get angry. Instead, she took out a candy from her schoolbag with her dirty little hand and carefully took off the sugar coat on the outside. "This is a reward from my teacher. It's very sweet. I'll give it for you. Have a taste, okay?"

That was the sweetest candy he had ever tasted in his life, even if it was only the cheapest candy.

Therefore, no one could guess that the current leader of the Han Clan, who had always been cold-blooded and ruthless, liked candy.

Later, the candy factory closed down because of bad management. He personally sent someone to buy the factory and asked the owner to continue to make candy for him. However, it only made candy for himself, for he could no longer buy that brand of candy in the market.

"Click Click... "

In the darkness, a burst of faint footsteps suddenly sounded. The man's eyebrows wrinkled, and he sat on the sofa expressionlessly. His body was suddenly filled with overwhelming coldness and cruelty, like a bloodthirsty ghost returning from the hell at midnight.

"Mr. Hogan, I'm back." In the darkness, a black figure appeared beside the sofa. His voice was low and hoarse, like an eagle.

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