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   Chapter 782 Let Me Go With You

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Standing in front of the bed, Martin's deep eyes were dark, and his heart, which was just the size of a palm, was beating wildly in his chest. He just looked at Cassandra quietly, as if he had lived for thousands of years in such a short time.

'What is forever?

What is real?'

All of a sudden, Martin didn't know whether it was true or not, but if all this was just his fantasy, he, a proud and lonely man, wanted to ignore everything and immerse himself in this fantasy for the rest of his life.

He hoped that for the rest of his life, he could see the person he loved dearly and care about her.

Martin reached out his hand and grasped her cold fingers. He pressed her fingers tightly against his chest. When her fingers suddenly touched Martin's fast beating heart, her pupils shrank slightly and she almost blurted out, "Martin!"

Martin seemed to have come to his senses. His eyes were bloodshot and he stared at her with his dark eyes unblinkingly.

She had seen his eyes like this thousands of times. In the past, she only felt fear and resistance, but now, she felt particularly hot, as if she was wrapped in a burning flame, which could easily burn her to ashes.

If love was a strange circle that could not be walked out, she was willing to draw a circle as a prison now.

"Cassandra, do you know how scared I was?" His hands trembled uncontrollably, and his throat seemed to be blocked by lumps of cotton, making him unable to speak fluently.

Cassandra looked up, as if she had passed through her previous life and this life, through the life and death barrier. She looked at Martin quietly, smiled, and said, "Don't be afraid, sweetheart, I will never leave you again. I will never let you go even if you drive me away."

Although those memories were still intermittent and out of order, she still had a lot of doubts. What kind of entanglement was in those memories that had been deliberately forgotten was no longer important now.

Martin stared at her, his chest seeming to be cut

abyss, Martin would never let her get involved in them.

Such as Dragon City and Lu City.

With the memory of her previous life, Cassandra could deduce some details, but they were just some fragments. Martin had always been a person who knew how to endure. What he didn't want Cassandra to know would definitely be flawless and without any clues.

His heart was buried deep in his chest.

Martin kept silent for a long time. His dark eyes stared at Cassandra's face carefully. He withdrew his hand from Cassandra's hand, spread it out and said in a hoarse voice, "Cassandra, my hands are stained with countless blood and people's lives. People like me are not clean from head to foot. If you insist on accompanying me, I'm afraid that one day I can't protect you anymore. At that time... By then... "

'What are you going to do then?'

He couldn't bear to say the last sentence.

At that time, he forcibly kept her by his side. He only wanted to accompany her for a period of time. Even if there was no result in the future, he would not have any complaints.

However, this woman liked him back. He was both happy and afraid. He was afraid that he had made too many sins in his life and that he and Cassandra would not end up well.

He would live and die for her, and betray the world for her, but he could not watch her suffer.

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