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   Chapter 690 You Don't Deserve It

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A cold light flashed in Roger's eyes. He grabbed Susan's chin with one hand and sneered, "I told you not to touch her again. Are your ears just a decoration?"

Susan's eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at Roger in panic.

"I am not... I didn't... I didn't do it... Roger, that's a misunderstanding. I'm going to make an appointment with my little sister and explain it clearly to her. All this was done by that woman, Essie. It has nothing to do with me. " Susan explained incoherently, and her face changed in an instant.

Roger stared at her with his deep eyes, "Do you think I'm a fool? If you didn't agree, how dare Essie do that? How dare they interfere in my territory? Do they think that serving you in advance is tantamount to be loyal to the hostess of the GR Clan in the future? "

Hearing this, Susan was stunned and her face turned pale. "I really didn't. Roger, trust me. I'm your girlfriend. You have been treating me like this again and again for my little sister... Don't you think it's abnormal? "

Her words stabbed Roger's heart.

Roger shook off her hand all of a sudden, and then stood straight expressionlessly. He stared at Susan with his gloomy eyes and said, "You're right. I'm indeed abnormal. Since I saw Cassandra wear the wedding dress and marry that man, I've become abnormal, because the person who held her hand and swore to be with her forever should be me."

Boom! Boom——

The expression on Susan's face instantly cracked, and she froze on the sofa, with her pupils shrinking one point one and her eyes turning gray.

How was that possible?

She tried her best to take Roger away from Cassandra. She was already Roger's fiancee and the future hostess of the GR Group. But why did Roger still miss her even after that bitch got married?

How could this be?

What was wrong?

Susan's face changed several times. She was not reconciled. She had worked hard for so many years, and she was not reconciled to the failure of the

ones. She tightly clenched her fingers, and the blue veins stood out on the back of her hands.


In the dead silence, Susan gritted her teeth, but the strong hatred rolling in her heart was hard to fill.

One day, she would tear up that bitch's disguise and trample her hard under her feet!

"The CEO of the GR Group has broken up with Susan!"

"What will happen to her after be dumped?"

"They used to be a model couple, but now they go separate ways. Whose fault is it?"

"From the beginning to the end, the road of the promotion of the number one actress in the entertainment circle, I will reveal the exclusive secrets for you..."

"Are they really breaking up or hyping?"

In the early morning, an official post of the GR Group announced that the CEO of the GR Group and Susan had broken up peacefully. The words used by the official post was very cautious, and the details of their breakup were not exposed. It also denied other guesses. As for other things, they kept silent.

As soon as this microblog post was released, except that the media under the GR Group was ordered not to give any response, almost all the other mainstream media and self-media reacted at the first time.

"What the hell is going on? Broke up? "

"Happy breakup!"

"They finally broke up, ha-ha..."

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