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   Chapter 680 It Doesn't Hurt If You Kiss Me

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For a moment, Martin almost thought he had an auditory hallucination.

He thought that after knowing his past, Cassandra would be afraid of him, and even hate him and even try to escape, but he didn't expect that Cassandra would react like this.

He really wanted to ask her whether she was afraid of him.

But he dared not.

As the CEO of the Lu Group, who controlled the huge business empire and calculated the advance and retreat of the world, he didn't even dare to ask a word. It must be ridiculous.

But when people loved someone with their own lives, they would also be so cautious and afraid of losing.

Martin lowered his eyebrows, and his thin lips seemed to squeeze out two words from his throat, "I won't."

Cassandra said seriously, "How could you know? Do you really think you are a young man at your age? "

When Cassandra was nervous, it was easy for her to say something wrong. As soon as she said this, she had an impulse to slap herself to death.

Before Martin could say anything, Robert burst into laughter. "Holy shit! You are awesome! How dare you say that Martin is old! "

Blue veins stood out on Martin's forehead. He cast a cold glance at Robert and said, "Shut up."

If it weren't for the fact that this place was under the control of Robert, he wouldn't have come here with a third wheel.

Cassandra put on a false smile and said, "I'm no match for you. I don't think you want the 10% profit anymore. "

Two blue veins stood out on Robert's forehead. "You can't avenge yourself in public!" he shouted.

Cassandra, "I'm just revenging on you. What's wrong? Bite me? "

Robert was rendered speechless.

Well, sure enough, even if a bitch was injured, she would still be shameless!

Afraid that she would be too bothered, Martin looked helpless, but his voice softened unconsciously. "Don't mess around. Sit well."

"Damn it! Martin, are you blind? This was clearly her one-sided abuse of me! How can you blame me? "

Martin, "Is there a problem?"

he way his master treated his sister-in-law kindly and treated them cruelty.

Until the wound was bandaged, no one said a word in the room. Cassandra was too painful to say a word, and the others were not so shameless to take the initiative to look for abuse.

"The wound is too big and easy to be infected. Don't touch water or exert too much strength these days, in case it will tear and cause more injuries. Besides, remember to change the medicine on time every day. I will note the internal medicine and external medicine every day. Master, don't make a mistake." Kevin reminded while taking the medicine.

He had planned to come here to change the dressing himself, but after thinking for a while, he decided not to come here to enjoy the public display of affection. He wanted to live a few more years.

Martin listened carefully for fear of missing a word, as if he were a good student who listened to his teacher carefully.

After everything was settled, Martin left with his wife. Robert, who had been abandoned, cursed angrily for a long time. Martin, the scumbag. After thinking for a while, he felt pity for being alone, so Robert decided to slip out and go to find Talbot.

Kevin, who was also abandoned, was not so calm. He stood at the intersection silently for a long time, feeling a little suspicious of life...

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