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   Chapter 676 Ugly

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7061

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Jack trotted a few steps and came in with a laptop in his arms. Cassandra crossed her legs and trembled slightly. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Jack had sent out the official microblog, and the result was as he expected. The online rumormongers were just running around under the hot search topic. As soon as the official microblog of the Ring Entertainment Industry was updated, the online rumormongers immediately turned to the official microblog, and the overwhelming abuse occupied the hot list of comments.

The more Jack looked at it, the angrier he became. Finally, he threw away his mobile phone and said with an anxious expression, "Cassandra, the comments under our official microblog are crazy now. Are these rumormongers really brainless? They don't have to work so hard to get money, as if they had a deep grudge against us... Why? "

Hearing this, Cassandra's eyes flashed an imperceptible cold light and said, "If these people have a little conscience, they won't do this. If you expect them to show mercy, you'd better go to worship the Bodhisattva. Maybe the Bodhisattva can show her spirit and fulfill your wish."

Jack's forehead burst out two small blue veins, and his throat moved. "You are still in the mood to joke. Go upstairs and have a look. You are slandered by them."

Cassandra lowered her eyes and chuckled, "I don't need to see it. Even if I close my eyes, I can think of the lines in what form they use. I'm almost done here. You and director Johnny go out first and invite Miss Yao in for me."

Hearing this, Jack raised his voice all of a sudden. His voice was so undulating that it sounded like an inhuman Eunuch in ancient times. "What? Was it really her? I've long been unhappy with her cosmetic face. I didn't expect that she not only looks ugly, but also has such a bad heart! "

Cassandra supported her head with one hand and said, "Cut the crap. Go and invite her for me. Don't make a sound, and don't disturb the others in the crew."

It was probably a bad year for Johnny this year. He had filmed two movies in succession, and he almost got himsel

cold unconsciously. "But you're so capable, you don't need director Johnny to add scenes for you. I think you are good at acting, so you add too much scenes for yourself, right?"

Nadine's pupils suddenly shrank, and cold sweat dripped from her forehead. She gritted her teeth and refused to admit it, because she knew clearly that once she admitted, her career would be over.

Nadine shook her head and explained in a somewhat flustered voice, "No, it's not like that. Samuel, you misunderstood... No, I didn't... How could I do such a thing? I really don't know. The photos have nothing to do with me. "

Cassandra sneered, "Really? Then who were you going to see in the Platinum Mansion this morning? Essie Wei gave you a lot of benefits, right? Otherwise, with your income, you can't even afford the lowest level of their membership, right? "

Nadine's face turned pale and she stared at Cassandra in disbelief.

How was that possible?

She went to the Platinum Mansion to see Essie Wei secretly. She was sure that no one followed her, not to mention that there was Essie Wei behind her to deal with the aftermath...

How could Samuel know everything so soon?

The next second, a terrible idea flashed through Nadine's mind. Her face went blank for a moment, and her face turned as pale as paper. Her voice was full of anger, "It's impossible! Essie wouldn't betray me! I'm helping her! "

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