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   Chapter 675 What Kind of Operation Is This

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There were only two people left in the lounge, Cassandra and Johnny.

Johnny poured her a glass of water and tested the temperature before handing it to Cassandra, "Do you have someone suspicious?"

Cassandra took the water and took a sip. She raised her eyebrows for a moment and asked, "Director Johnny, why do you think so? How could I know everything? "

Johnny was smart, but he always kept a low profile and didn't get angry, so he gave others an illusion that he was easy to fool.

But on second thought, if Johnny was not smart enough, how could he get what he was today? It was just that he was too bookish and honest, and others would think he was easy to bully.

Johnny raised his eyes slightly and took a look at Cassandra, "You just said that these photos were taken from the filming site, which means that these photos were taken by someone in the crew... I'm sorry that I failed to discipline my men. "

His sudden apology surprised Cassandra. She rubbed her nose and said innocently, "What does it have to do with you? You don't usually care about them. You can only blame Jack. "

Johnny kept silent for a few seconds, "I remember you have a good memory. Even if you don't check the surveillance video, you know who is standing at that angle. Don't worry, I will give you an explanation."

Cassandra sighed, "Director Johnny, your shoulders are not wider than the sea. Why do you take everything in your arms? If someone in the film crew is going to do something bad. You can't stop him, can you? Besides, if I can't even handle these trifles well and need you to protect me, how can I still stay in this circle? I have never thought that it would be smooth from the very beginning. If so, I really take myself as a mascot. "

Johnny had a clear mind and knew that she was comforting him, but he really didn't expect that his crew would make such a mistake. He thought he was wise enough. Although he didn't dare to say that there was no mistake, it involved Cassandra. Johnny couldn't get through this.


n't understand what you meant. What kind of operation is this? Can you tell me in advance?"

Cassandra rolled her eyes at him, "No, you just need to do as I said. By the way, is your computer here? Give it to me. I'll receive an email later."

Cassandra was familiar with the abuse of power. But Martin ordered her not to use her skills to hack others' computers, so she didn't do it. When she gave orders to Jack just now, she secretly sent a message to Carlos, asking him to help investigate a person.

Although she had doubts, it was doubtful why the other party suddenly changed his target. After all, there were too many actors in the entertainment industry. In order to get the position, everyone wanted to become a bitch and pester the director every night to add a play. However, their crew seemed to be different. They might want to sleep with Jack more than Johnny.

Therefore, Cassandra was sure that there must be some shady deal. If there was something unspeakable, she could forgive him. After all, she was not as cruel as she used to be. She was always gentle. Being nice to people was to accumulate virtue for her next life, although this kind of virtue might not be useful.

Of course, if there was no hidden meaning and it was just a profit trick, then she would not show mercy.

As for the bitch, she always punished them severely.

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