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   Chapter 674 Not Smart Enough

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"The female supporting role of the 'God of War' put on air and embarrass the staff!"

"What a lousy acting skill! She keeps on doing no good! What's wrong with the actors in the same group?"

"Is the director of the 'Dream Life' blind? How could he use such a person to act the protagonist? I hate her! Humph! "

"What the hell is she? How dare she take part in the Golden Sand Award? Ha-ha! "

As soon as this microblog post came out, it was quickly on the top search, and quickly formed a hot topic. In just a few minutes, the reading quantity of the topic broke through one hundred thousand, and the discussion was gradually increasing, and the comments were even more shocking.

More than that, there were a large amount of comments on Cassandra's microblog, and the number of comments quickly increased to tens of thousands, which was completely crazy.

Cassandra and the others were still shooting on the spot, so they didn't know about the news. The staff of the film crew suddenly saw this hot search and immediately handed the mobile phone to Jack.

Jack glanced at the top search subject and his face sank. He roughly browsed the microblog and the top comments, and his face was so gloomy.

The original microblog was released by an ordinary account, but as soon as this account was released, it was immediately reposted by a large number of people in on microblog, and there were also many rumormongers who deliberately slandered and spread rumors. This topic became hot, and now it was in the top five of the hot search list.

It was so obvious that she was framed, and it was on the top search all of a sudden. It was hard to believe that no one was behind this. Jack would rather die than believe it.

Moreover, from the original microblog, although the person on the other side had added the watermark, from the shooting point of view, it was indeed a photo taken on the scene. The shooting of the film was completely enclosed, which meant that the source of the photo was from their film crew!


When did the crew get involved in such a black sheep?

Jack ground his teeth and immediately said, "Inform eve

ternet media. Sometimes, some unknown sorrows and twists were exposed through the Internet media, and then they could get a seemingly fair solution.

But was the late justice still justice?

Cassandra chuckled, "Jack, I praised you just now. It seems that you are not smart enough."

Feeling that his IQ was insulted, Jack struggled desperately, "What do you mean by 'not smart enough'?"

Cassandra, "They are slandering me and even exposing the live photos. From these photos, it is easy to misunderstand my acting skills. Therefore, the hotter the topic is, the more people will come to criticize our crew. To a certain extent, it is also a disguised publicity?"

Jack was not stupid and immediately understood what Cassandra meant.

Although now they were slandered, when the truth came out, all the slander would become hype for them. The crew didn't need to spend money, but had prepared a free publicity for the new movie in advance.

They didn't fight for it, but came to the top search. It seemed that the other party had obviously paid a lot of attention to it and bought a lot of online rumormongers. If they controlled the comments at this time, it was possible that they would be judged by others.

Jack patted his forehead and said, "Okay! I know what to do. Anything else? "

Cassandra touched her chin, hesitated for a moment, and said, "Find someone you trust and pay more attention to one person."

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