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   Chapter 670 Let It Go!

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6771

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There was a dead silence in the yard.

Cassandra's fingers, which were holding the swing, tightened unconsciously, as if she wanted to gouge out fingerprints on the swing.

After a long time, Cassandra raised her eyes slowly, and there seemed to be an imperceptible cold light in her dark eyes. Her hoarse voice broke the dead silence. "What happened later?"

It turned out that the seemingly indestructible man had come to this day step by step. And those long and quiet days, when there were swords and blades everywhere in the world, where was she?

No wonder in her previous life, she always felt that Martin was like a real devil. However, no matter who had experienced that kind of past, it would also become like him.

A hint of struggle flashed across Carlos' face, and then he tried to break the can. Anyway, he had already said the most difficult thing. It didn't matter to say more.

Carlos went all out.

His face went blank for a moment. He slowly lowered his eyes and said in a somewhat interfered and stiff voice, "After the servant died, master was completely isolated and helpless in the Lu clan, and other children were protected by adults, but he wasn't. Even if he was badly injured and his arms and legs were broken, no one protected him. 7 years later, he was just 12 years old that year, and the Lu Group had a big event. All the members of the Lu clan were at a loss what to do. It was him who came up with a solution, but he was too young and simple at that time. When the Lu Group went through the crisis, master did not get any rewards, but was almost expelled from the Lu clan. The reason was that he deceived everyone to do something bad. It was James who saved him. So the only person he trusts in the whole Lu clan is James. "

"At that time, master's ability was not strong enough. He waited for another 4 years. At that time, when Moore's father was working for the master, he was killed and left Moore to master. My master regarded him as his own son and spoiled him. Most of the t

p but want to pry into his past... Would she leave him after that?

In the silent silence, the man's face was drowned in the darkness. He turned around and hid his body in the darkness, as if nothing had happened just now.

The second morning.

As soon as Martin went downstairs, he saw a very disharmonious scene.

Cassandra was holding a big orange fat cat in her hand, and was facing with Moore in the hall. Five was not afraid of strangers at all. Lying casually in Cassandra's arms, it had completely forgotten that Moore was its owner.

But then again, it had been 4 years since Moore was exiled to the border area. Cats were not affectionate creatures. If you insisted on saying that you were its owner, it might not recognize you. It was the logic of cats that the one who gave the fish to it was the boss.

The hair on Moore's body stood on end, which was even longer than that of a cat. Clenching his fists, he said in a furious voice, "I warn you, Five is my cat! Let it go! "

Cassandra stretched out her hand and rubbed Five's back. The ungrateful bastard Five meowed in enjoyment, stretched out the meat cushion of its front paw and touched Cassandra, indicating that it accepted this owner.

Cassandra raised her eyebrows, "See? Five obviously likes me. "

Standing aside, Carlos felt himself was really a decoration.

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