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   Chapter 666 Don't Hurt the People around Me

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But in this case, Jack had no choice but to follow Cassandra's order. Otherwise, it would be difficult to clean up the mess today.

When Jack took out his phone, a cold voice suddenly sounded behind him, "The signal here is blocked. If you want to contact the people outside, it depends on whether you have the ability or not."

Jack's back froze, and then instinctively turned around to look behind. He saw that Lenny was hanging his arm, looking through the crowd, and his gloomy eyes fell on Cassandra.


What was going on?

'His look... Why do I feel it's so murderous?'

Sitting on the chair, Cassandra raised her eyes slowly and saw Lenny walk in with a gust of wind.

No wonder, it was just a small dispute between the crew and it was not their fault, but they made it to the point of not letting them go. That explained it.

Cassandra simply moved the chair to the side and sat down, with her slender legs overlapped casually. She smiled and said, "Lenny, it's you. We really meet everywhere in our lives, but..."

As Cassandra spoke, the smile on her face disappeared like the tide, and her voice became cold, "Come at me if you have any complain. Don't hurt the people around me. I'm not a coward. What kind of person will I be if I watch you hurt my people, but still don't fight back?"

Lenny clenched his fine hand unconsciously and his face turned livid. "They committed crimes in my jurisdiction. Don't I even have the right to control them? Mr. Samuel, you are so arrogant!"

Cassandra was so angry that she laughed, but the smile didn't reach her eyes, which made people shiver.

With his arms crossed over his chest, Moore leaned against the door frame, ready to watch the show. At that moment, he seemed to see someone's shadow on Cassandra!


How could he think so? It was a blasphemy and i

dn't expect that you, Moore, would be a lackey one day."

Lenny and Moore were old friends. Moore knew that Lenny had a crush on Martin, but he was not averse to Lenny, so he had always been an onlooker.

Moore glanced at him lazily and said slowly, "Father ordered me, it's just business."

Hearing this, Lenny's face softened a little. He was only against Cassandra, but he didn't expect that Moore would also come. His heart was filled with anger, which spread all over the place.

What was this?

He used to serve the young boy with delicious food and drink, and as a father and mother, he coaxed him for four or five years. It was rare for Moore to have a good face, and occasionally praised him in front of Martin. However, Samuel had only known him for a few days, and now he became a lackey for him!

Lenny had a feeling of being betrayed, so his words were naturally harsh.

"Wait for me in the car." Cassandra suddenly said.

Moore glanced at her and then at Lenny. He lowered his eyes with a depressed look and walked away slowly without saying a word.

Anyway, the two of them couldn't fight. One of them injured an arm, and the other was just a weak woman.

Even if they fought, no one would die.

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