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   Chapter 664 I Know What I'm Doing

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6961

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At the film and television city.

The police station was located at the southeast side of the film and television city. It was a grey building with 3 floors. The gate of the police station was hung with a blue sign, which was very eye-catching.

At this moment, in a large office on the ground floor.

Jack had spoken so much that his mouth was almost blistered, but the staff still kept silent and sat there motionlessly, completely treating himself as a furnishing.

"…… Hey, comrade, we have done what we should do. It was their crew who made the trouble first. We are victims. There is no reason for you to let them go and arrest us. What procedure do you want to follow? We all cooperate with you. The crew has a very important scene to shoot tonight, and if we delay it, it will cause a great loss to our crew. We all serve the people, right? You can do a good deed and let go of our crew first. How about I stay here alone?" Jack didn't want to give up, so he braced himself to say something.

However, the staff still didn't speak, and Jack had no choice. He rubbed his messy head. It was said that the king of hell was more difficult to deal with than the little ghost. If it weren't for the surveillance cameras everywhere and the majestic national seal hanging at the gate, Jack really wanted to spend a lot of money here to bribe them.

However, Jack knew very well that people had to bow their heads under the eaves. If he directly asked his superior to suppress him now, the staff would probably not just sit here and ignore him, but give him a look. These days, it was not easy to wander around outside.

At the same time, in a large office on the left side of the two floor.

The furnishings in the office had just been completely changed. The original simple office equipment had been replaced with top-level equipment. The whole office did not look like to work, but more like the boss of a listed company in the office building, and even a little exaggerated.

However, even though the whole office equipment had been changed, the national seal hangin

ifle. This was a criminal case, so he had the right to arrest people. He had a reason, and no one could break this rule.

There was a dead silence on the other end of the phone, and then, Mr. Liang sighed heavily and said in a low voice, "I've already known it. It's just a small conflict between the two crews, not so serious. It's not a criminal case. You're still injured, and you've just taken office. Have a good rest. You can let others deal with other things. Are you not used to staying there? I can change another position for you, okay? "

Hearing that, Lenny stopped tapping the table and his face darkened. "Did Martin call you?"

Mr. Liang rubbed between his eyebrows and said, "You're thinking too much. I have real-time reports on the major police substations. Otherwise, do you think that I have worked for so many years for nothing? Don't be so thoughtful at such a young age. I have to talk to your father some other day. He shouldn't be busy with filming all day long, or how can he teach his child? "

Well, he even mentioned his father. It's really for his good!

However, he underestimated Lenny. If he could frighten him casually, his title as a black sheep would be in vain for so many years!

Lenny narrowed his eyes and said, "You don't need to worry about that, Uncle Liang. Don't worry, Uncle Liang. I always follow the rules and won't act rashly."

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