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   Chapter 644 You Can Go Now

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"Well, stop it. I see... " Before Martin said that, Lenny interrupted him without hesitation.

Martin kept silent for two seconds, "When Steven left, he told me to take good care of you..."

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Lenny. Lenny looked at Martin with bloodshot eyes, and suddenly felt that his love for the past 13 years was too ridiculous.

"So, you are here to tell me that you have treated me differently for so many years, and you are even willing to condescend to say a few words to me and take care of me... Just because of Steven? It's just because... You promised him to take care of me? " There were countless blood streaks in Lenny's eyes. He was so angry that he couldn't put on a proper expression. He was stiff like a clay sculpture, and could fall down as soon as the wind blew.

Martin, "Not exactly."

Hearing this, Lenny stumbled and almost fell down. Fortunately, he was quick eyed and agile enough to hold the red paint pillar with his unhurt hand. Then he looked up at Martin at one point one and his stomach twitched. Before Lenny could react that he was so weak, Martin's phone suddenly rang.

Martin took out his phone and answered it without hesitation. The screen was close to his ear and his voice was rare soft. "What's wrong?"

That voice... How gentle he was! Lenny had been dreaming for more than ten years, but he still couldn't hear or even dream of that kind of voice. Now he actually heard it.

However, the voice was not for him.

Lenny held the red column with his fingers, as if to poke into it to vent his hatred.

On the other side of the phone, Cassandra sat in the back seat of the car idly and muttered, "It's raining outside. I saw that all the other guests have left. Why haven't you come out yet? I'm here to pick you up."

She was afraid that something unexpected would happen, but she found a very reasonable reason. Moreover, Martin was famous for loving his wife. It was his usual rule not to debunk a lie.

Martin looked at the incre

tudy was quite exquisite. There were many priceless antiques on the shelf, and many famous calligraphers were hanging on the wall, which looked like director Quinton's style.

At this time, Lenny stood in front of the desk with a dull look, as if his soul had been out of his body, with his body covered with wet rain.

Quinton knew his own son well. He had thought that Lenny had really changed his mind this time, but he didn't expect that Lenny would make such a big trouble on his first day of office.

His looked sullen. He pounded the table heavily and said, "You bastard, what the hell do you want? It was you who wanted to work in the police station. You caused me such a big trouble as soon as you was on duty... Do you want to piss me off? "

It was rare that Lenny didn't retort. He really didn't have the strength to do so now. He just lowered his head slightly, with more and more blood streaks in his eyes. He felt that his body was getting heavier and heavier, but he didn't say a word, as if he was competing with himself.

"Do you want your hand to get wet like this?"

As soon as Quinton finished his words, he picked up the phone on the table and was about to call a private doctor to deal with it for Lenny. As soon as his finger fell on the screen dial button, a deep voice suddenly sounded in the empty study.


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