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   Chapter 643 the One I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6620

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After the flattery of the crowd, Lenny finally put on a rarely seen serious face. Perhaps it was because of the light or something, his face was slightly red, which was abnormal and made people can't help but think of it.

"Dad, if there's nothing else, I'll go first. There are a group of friends waiting for me to celebrate over there." Although Lenny was the real protagonist tonight, he was not that important among these rich people.

Being treated as a transparent person for a while, Lenny was about to make trouble.

Quinton's anger, which he had tried hard to hold back, now surged out like bamboo shoots. His expression changed several times, and he almost squeezed the words out of his teeth. "Well, go. You are injured now. Don't drink."

Lenny replied obediently and said hello to all the uncles. Then he looked at Martin and wanted to say something, but he held back the words and turned around to leave with a half disabled hand.

However, when Lenny just took a step forward, he suddenly heard a slightly low voice behind him, "Come with me."

No one had expected that Martin would speak at this time. Martin, who had always regarded himself as a mascot, didn't say anything except for a reserved and elegant smile in the flattery of so many rich people. Now he spoke for Lenny.

It was inevitable for the rich to be surprised, and it was inevitable for Lenny to be distracted. In his heart, there was a flood of young girls' minds. If there were petals at this time, he would start to count, 'he likes me, he doesn't like me...'

After all, he had a crush on Martin...

Originally, being caught cheating by Lenny on the spot, Lenny should be very courageous now, speaking out the two words 'no time' in a very coquettish manner, and then returned to the warm arms of the playboys and enjoy the time. But he had never been able to resist Martin.

This man's words, even just a casual one, were regarded as a manual and became a little bit of spark fo

sed. He stared at Martin and asked in a hoarse voice, "You came here tonight... to tell me this? "

Was it because he was afraid that the man would be unhappy because of his quarrel during the day? So he came here specially to strangle the long dream he had for 13 years?

Martin... He was too cruel.

But in Lenny's mind, it seemed that Martin had always been like this. He would not give people groundless hope. For so many years, it was only his wishful thinking.

In fact, he had never given him a glimmer of hope, whether it was love or complaint. He had always been like a brave hero who had put all his efforts on this dangerous road without return, and had never thought that there would be a good ending.

He had practiced for many times, he would be rejected or accepted. He had even figured out his own unrestrained posture to pretend to turn around smartly. However, thinking about it was one thing, and doing it was another thing. For example, now he felt that the objective environment of the miserable wind and rain was too tragic.

For another man, even if he was willing to, he actually had extravagant hopes. However, tonight, a sentence of Martin shattered all his extravagant hopes.

Martin finally raised his head. There was no trace of hope in his dark eyes that Lenny wanted to keep.

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