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   Chapter 642 Good Policeman

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Cassandra retorted shamelessly. Then she leaned back in the seat and slightly closed her eyes, but she was not sleepy at all.

At the same time, in the Shen clan of the capital city.

Quinton liked traditional Chinese things, so the whole villa was decorated in Chinese style. It was supposed to be a celebration for Lenny tonight, for the black sheep finally returned to normal. However, before the dinner party began, Lenny had a car accident and was hospitalized.

According to the official statement, it was the first day that Lenny took office. He fought with the gangsters valiantly. At last, because the car was out of control, one of his arms was damaged. Therefore, Lenny's friends rushed over from all directions at the same time. Nominally, they came to visit Lenny, but in fact, they all came to see him in distress.

But this group of rich second generation playboys obviously underestimated Lenny's coquettish strength. Even if his bones were broken and one of his arms was disabled, he could still dress up like a real man. He was wearing a well-tailored dark gray suit, and his inner shirt was a little loosened by the bandage, but it did not affect the dissolute and elegant behavior of him.

But to everyone's surprise, Lenny cut his hair, which was quite symbolic, leaving only a short haircut. His hair style used to be very feminine, but now this short haircut made his face even stronger, and he looked more like a policeman now.

As soon as Lenny arrived, a group of playboys went up to watch him. They were convinced by the coquettish look of Lenny's bandage. No one knew which guy proposed to sign on Lenny's plaster. Lenny was in a good mood. He cooperated with them and took a few photos of himself in several different shapes, which posted on the Wechat moments.

Besieged by a group of rich people, Quinton was not in such a good mood. Although it was said that the bone of Lenny's left hand was broken because of the heroic capture of the bandits, some clues could always be found after careful investigation.

On his first day in off

?' he thought. Why did they like this?

At this time, the Butler came over and squeezed through a group of playboys with great difficulty. "Mr. Lenny, Mr. Quinton invites you to... See Mr. Martin. "

At that time, Lenny had a very complicated feeling. He thought that Martin would not come tonight, so he ran back from the hospital directly and invited a group of bad friends to vent his dissatisfaction. But he did not expect that Martin would still come.

Lenny was a little happy, a little sad, and a little complex emotion that could not be said. He was full of grievance, but it seemed that he could not say a word.

Although these young men from rich families wanted to coax him, they also knew that they couldn't afford to offend Martin. Apart from teasing Lenny, they all sat there calmly, ready to watch a good show.

Lenny was slightly drunk and slowly stood up from the sofa. His body was stained with a lot of wine, and the bandage on his neck was a little messy. In particular, the special bowknot had been completely deformed at this moment.

Lenny didn't care about it at all. He just casually walked towards the direction of Martin and Quinton with a broken hand.

Seeing his appearance, Quinton was furious. What the hell was this? His hands were still in plaster, and he was drinking...

He really wanted to strangle this bastard with his own hands!

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