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   Chapter 641 Why Are You Blushing

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Hearing this, Johnny realized that he had said too much and almost exposed his feeling.

Director Johnny was not interested in anything else except shooting, and he didn't like to go far either. For him, it was better to stay at home and carefully study the filming techniques and skills.

The reason why he knew the H city's climate was that he knew that Cassandra was going to visit the H city, so he specially searched the situation of the H city on the Internet.

Johnny felt a little guilty. He took a sip of the dark plum soup and said, "No, I just heard it from my friend."

Cassandra didn't intend to ask more. She smiled and said, "Well, director Johnny, I'll go to the field investigation this time. If you think it's Okay, you can go to take a scene in the future, right?"

Johnny, "Yes."

After chatting for a while, Cassandra's phone suddenly rang. She took it out and saw the caller ID was Daniel.

Without hesitation, Cassandra picked up the phone and whispered, "Mr. Daniel, what can I do for you?"

On the other side of the phone, Daniel hadn't taken off his filming clothes yet. As soon as he received the news, he immediately called, "Well, are you free tomorrow night?"

Cassandra thought for a while and asked, "What's up?"

Daniel, "Well, director Quinton is back. He is free tomorrow night. If you are free, I will arrange a meeting for you."

Hearing this, Cassandra thought of Lenny's face. Director Quinton came back in time for Lenny, but the black sheep was lying in the hospital now. She didn't know if director Quinton would be angry to death on the spot if he knew it.

Quinton was obsessed with the film business, but Lenny didn't know anything about filming. He could play anything, but he didn't touch the filming. Quinton had planned to cultivate him. After all, he was his own son, and it was Quinton's long cherished wish to let him inherit his legacy.

However, this Lenny didn't like filming, so Quinton had no choice that he couldn't force him

ake care.' For a moment, Cassandra suddenly felt that the usually gentle director Johnny seemed to be a little scheming.

She cleared her throat and stood up from the chair carefully. After thinking for a while, she picked up the small box again and said hello to everyone. Then she held her waist and left the crew unhurriedly with the box of love biscuits.

When she came out of the film and television city, Greyson was already waiting for her. Cassandra got on the car and put the small box aside casually. She looked at Greyson from the rearview mirror and asked, "Master Greyson, how is the investigation going?"

Greyson scratched his head and looked harmless. He didn't look like a professional mercenary who had come out of blood and bones.

Greyson blushed, "Well. I've checked it out. Mr. Lenny is the only son of director Quinton. He has been raised up in a rich family and doesn't do business at all. He is a well-known black sheep in the circle. He likes video games and has made many boyfriends, but most of them are one night stand or something like that. He has never had a fixed lover... "

Cassandra raised her hand and touched her chin, "I know what you mean, but he is dissolute, why are you blushing? Do you have a special relationship with him? "

Greyson took a deep breath and said, "No, I don't! !"

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