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   Chapter 638 The Third Young Master of the Shen clan

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6680

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With two small veins popping out on his forehead, Lenny stared at Martin in disbelief.

For so many years, although Martin didn't respond to him, he had never been angry at him because of any other things. Therefore, after all these years of wishful thinking, he couldn't forget him in the bottom of his heart, which made him feel that at least he had a chance to be the person beside Martin.

But now, if he was not stupid or blind, he could see that Martin had stood up for this man.

At first, he thought he could just wait for him without any return. When he let go of his obsession one day, or when Martin got a good match, he could also wish him happiness with a smile.

However, there was only one dirty line in Lenny's mind now: 'fuck you!'

Because of the presence of Martin, Lenny restrained his anger, clenched his fists and said through clenched teeth, "I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now."

With a sympathetic look on her face, Cassandra waved her hand and said, "Goodbye, Mr. Lenny."

Lenny's anger spread all over his body in an instant, and he went out of the private room. As soon as he came out, the owner of the hot pot restaurant came up with a flattering face, "Mr. Lenny, what do you think..."

As soon as the boss finished his words, Lenny looked at him coldly. The boss was so scared that he didn't dare to say anything more.

Lenny staggered and lost his mind, but his fingers were still tightly clenched. He walked out of the hot pot restaurant stumblingly, and quickly got into the car. As soon as the car drove less than 100 meters, it hit the railing beside, making a loud noise.

Therefore, the police officer Lenny Shen got into a traffic accident on the first day on duty.

In the private room.

Obviously, Cassandra was not in the mood to eat hot pot, because she now thought that it might be more reliable for her to be jealous. She stared at Martin with her bright eyes and asked in a tone of interrogation, "Tell me, Martin, who is

ce. Cassandra asked in a hurry, "What's wrong? What happened? "

Martin rubbed his swollen temples and said, "Lenny hit the handrail on the roadside and was sent to the hospital."

Cassandra was speechless and thought, 'That guy is so reckless?'

Cassandra, "How about we go to the hospital first?"

Martin pursed his lips and said, "Leave him alone."

'He cares about you so much. Now the life and death of the man in the car accident are uncertain. You are so broad-minded that you don't even look at him. I feel sorry for the boy for 3 seconds...'

Cassandra cleared his throat, "A car accident is not a small matter. What if he got hurt?"

Martin glanced at her. Perhaps from ancient times to present, Cassandra was the first woman who was so generous to her rival in love.

A few seconds later, Martin said, "I'll drive you to the film and television city first."

Cassandra smacked her lips and wondered if Martin was going to see his mistress behind her and asked her, the legal wife, to avoid meeting him?

Cassandra had already pictured countless scenes of deep love in her mind, and then looked at Martin, "No, thanks. Just ask Master Greyson to send me there. You can go to the hospital first and leave me alone."

With a darkened face, Martin said, "At most it's just a fracture. He's not so weak."

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