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   Chapter 634 Doctor Kevin Said Nothing

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"There are indeed potential risks in this project, so you don't need to worry about it. From now on, I will leave this project to James to deal with. I will bear all the consequences." Martin casually wrapped his arms around the sofa and said in a cold voice as usual.

Hearing this, Ron's pupils shrank slightly, and the knuckles of his fingers holding the crutch were white. He almost squeezed out a smile, and his teeth were almost broken.

James looked up at Martin and said, "Thank you for your trust, Mr. Martin."

When Martin was about to speak, Carlos suddenly came in in a hurry, bent over and whispered something in Martin's ear. Martin's face, which had not changed from beginning to end, suddenly changed. He stood up from the chair without warning and said, "The meeting is over."

As soon as he finished speaking, he left the meeting room with his long legs.

The senior executives were also confused. They didn't know why Martin suddenly reacted like this. He was the CEO of the Lu Group, he was always calm. What happened? Why was he so excited?

In the CEO office.

Cassandra held her waist with one hand and wandered around in the office. Sometimes she touched here and there, and then she looked out of condition.


All of a sudden, the door was pushed open, and Cassandra almost subconsciously turned her head to look behind. She saw that Martin walked in in a hurry, and his breath seemed to be a little rapid because of the fast pace.

Cassandra was holding a book that had just been taken down from the bookshelf. She had thought that a cold and abstinent CEO like Martin would only read some particularly cold and advanced books, but she had just seen a book called 'Parenting Manual' on the bookshelf, so she couldn't help but take it down.

She didn't expect that Martin would catch her on the spot.

Somehow, Cassandra felt a little guilty and hid the book behind her. But because of her sudden movement, she forgot her waist injury and groaned in pain.

The ne

d arrogant...

Kevin gave a wry smile and repeated the method of using the medicine. At last, he asked considerately, "Is there anything else that you haven't remembered, master? I can repeat it one hundred times. "

"No." said Martin.

After saying that, Martin hung up the phone without waiting for Kevin's reply.

Holding the phone in his hand, Kevin seemed to have swallowed a dead fly. After a long time, he cursed in a low voice and went to do his own business.

On the other side, after asking how to use the medicine, Martin took out a piece of paper and wrote it by himself. Cassandra looked at the paper and found that the man's slender fingers were very powerful and the words he wrote were very beautiful. Why on earth was he so blind to fall in love with her since he was such a nearly perfect man?

After writing down the way to use it, Martin folded the note and put it into the bag before applying medicine to Cassandra.

Cassandra bent over the sofa obediently and hung her hands casually, "Martin, be gentle. I'm afraid of... Ah! ! !"

Before she could say the word 'hurt', she felt a sting in her waist. Suddenly, her scream came from the office.

Martin frowned. Before his hand touched Cassandra's waist, she screamed... Did it hurt so much?

"Fuck! What's up? Master! …… 'My eyes! What are you doing? "

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