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   Chapter 633 What Do You Want

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In the headquarter building of the Lu Group.

In the meeting room.

There was a strange dead silence in the meeting room. Everyone didn't even dare to take a deep breath, staring at the man in the chief with fear.

Somehow, their big boss seemed to be in a bad mood today. He sat there silently, as if his face was covered with a layer of invisible frost.

"Mr. Martin, the water quality in the H city is not good, and we haven't got any result yet. Is it too risky to buy the land there? "

"Yes, Mr. Martin. We've long said that there's something wrong with the water in the H city. We've been working on an environment protection project this time. If the water is not qualified, the early investment will be in vain!"

"Mr. Ron, Mr. James, please persuade Mr. Martin not to make such a rash decision..."

"Mr. Martin, what do you think..."

On the top, Martin sat there expressionlessly, and the noise around seemed to disappear miraculously from his ears. He tapped the table with his slender fingers, but the sound seemed to hit a person's bones. The whole conference room was miraculously quiet.

At the head of the left, Ron held his crutch with both hands and looked at Martin with a faint smile on his face. "We have been preparing for the project in the H city for a long time. At this moment, a sudden water problem will certainly affect the project progress. All the shareholders just don't want to take the risk. Please think twice, Mr. Martin."

As soon as he finished speaking, the whole conference room became lively again. Many shareholders stood on the side of Ron. Although they didn't dare to directly disagree with Martin in public, their words were very clear.

The H city had been exposed to water quality problems. If the Lu Group continued its environmental protection projects without any scruples at this time, wouldn't it be asking for trouble? Not to mention anything else, even some environmentalists would not let it go. They really didn't know what Martin was thinking about.

"Mr. Ron, do you mean that

sts just for a small project?"

"That's right! We do business for money, so we don't have to take the risk, do we? "

"Finished?" Martin finally opened his mouth.

All of a sudden, the meeting room fell into silence. Everyone looked at Martin, wondering what decision he would make.

"The project in the H city will not stop no matter what happens." said Martin expressionlessly.

There was an eerie silence in the meeting room, and then all the shareholders were stunned, especially those who were against it. When they heard Martin's words, they were completely dumbfounded.

Was the boss out of his mind? He knew there might be something wrong with the project in the H city, but he still acted on his own?

What if something happened?

This loss was not small. Who would be responsible for them then?

The most important thing was that it was related to the environment. If it caused public opinion, it would be the most fatal blow to the Lu Group.


What was the boss doing?

On the left side of the CEO, Ron held his crutch tightly, the blue veins on the back of his hands throbbing, but he always maintained a faint smile on his face. He said coldly, "At present, this project indeed has potential risks, but since Mr. Martin has made a decision, we will naturally support it with all our strength. Please rest assured, Mr. Martin."

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