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   Chapter 632 I'm So Ugly

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"Ah! Brother Palmer! "

"It's really brother Palmer! My mother, what kind of luck am I having? "

"My brother waved his hand!"

"Oh my God! I'm going to faint! Come on, brother! "

"Is it Mr. Denny who sent him to the airport? Oh my God! They are really a perfect match! "

"Support them all my life!"

Escorted by the staff, Palmer entered the VIP passage directly. Hearing the scream behind him, he took off his sunglasses and greeted everyone before turning around to enter the VIP passage.

At the same time, at the exit of the airport, many fans who came to see Palmer off consciously lined up in order. Because they were really bored, the girls consciously sang a song and waited at the airport. They didn't leave until a staff informed them that Palmer had been waiting for the flight through the VIP passage.

There was no chaos in the whole process. It could be said that they had a good quality.

As soon as Cassandra and Denny left the airport, Cassandra received a call from Martin. She was scolded by Martin, but she didn't get angry at all. Instead, she apologized with a smile. Anyway, she would dare to do it again next time.

After hanging up the phone, Cassandra turned to Denny, "Do you have any work this afternoon?"

Denny nodded, "Well, Samuel, put me in the front and I can take a taxi myself."

Cassandra rolled her eyes at him and wondered if he misunderstood himself. He was very popular now. Could he take a taxi? 'Aren't you afraid of being raped by the girls?'

Cassandra, "Are you insulting me? How can I let you go to the set alone? The new assistant has gone to the scene. I have something to deal with after I send you there later, so I won't pick you up. "

Denny's ears turned red and he shyly turned his face away. "Well, thank you, Samuel."

Cassandra frowned, "You are so polite. What should I do with you? I have told you that you don't have to be so polite to me. "

With a lovely and innocent look on his face, Denny replied, "Okay."


t look at me. I'm so ugly. I'm afraid it'll stain your eyes."

Cassandra looked at Kevin and thought, 'Young man, you really have a strong desire to survive/'

Staring at Kevin with a smile, Cassandra said, "Doctor Kevin, how can you belittle yourself like this? You are so handsome that no one can compare with you."

Kevin was about to cry. He said with a sad face, "Cassandra, I'm sorry. I won't say anything more. Please don't sling mud at me. I'm really ugly, not good-looking at all."

Seeing this, Cassandra didn't want to make fun of him any-more. She cleared her throat and said, "Can I get cured before I go to the H city?"

"Of course! It's not a big deal! I'm the best doctor in the capital city... No, no, no. I'm a doctor from Mongolia. I'm sure I can do it. "

Cassandra smiled, "Well, I see."

Kevin took the medicine for her in person and told her several times. After he considerately sent her to the car, he wiped the cold sweat and breathed a sigh of relief.

In the car.

Greyson took a careful look at Cassandra from the rearview mirror and asked in a low voice, "Cassandra, are you going back to the company now, or..."

Cassandra glanced at the large bag of medicine at hand. It was a pity not to pretend to be poor at such a good time. She lowered her eyes slightly and said, "Go to find Martin."

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