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   Chapter 631 I Will Listen To You Whatever You Say

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"Don't worry, Samuel. I will protect Denny well." In the back seat, Palmer said abruptly.

Cassandra took a look at him. Although Palmer seemed unreliable, he had been defending Denny all the time, especially on the show. He was bringing topic and rhythm all the time, so the scene was not too embarrassing.

The two of them were quite complementary to each other in character. Although Denny was a few years older than Palmer, he was really an obedient boy, while Palmer was almost completely different from him. It seemed that wherever he went, he could get familiar with person quickly.

Cassandra nodded, "Well, I'm relieved to have you around. But don't make a match for little Denny. He is still young. It's not appropriate for such a simple boy to fall in love!"

With an expression of grievance, Palmer muttered, "I didn't! When did I make a match for him? I'm wronged. Besides, love is not prohibited in the company. Don't you think it's too arbitrary? "

Blue veins stood out on Cassandra's forehead. She knew that this guy was not like Denny at all, she felt helpless.

Cassandra pinched her forehead and said, "Forget it. The program will be shot the night after tomorrow. How about you don't go back to the crew and stay here for two days to have a rest?"

Palmer immediately shook his head and said, "No, I can't. The progress of the crew has been delayed. I can still shoot for two days if I go there in a hurry for the progress. I will come back the day after tomorrow."

Cassandra had heard of Palmer's dedication to work before, but then again, if he was not willing to study his acting skills and characters, he wouldn't have achieved what he was today.

In this circle, resources and connections were indeed very important, but if he didn't have some hard strength, he might not be able to achieve today's achievements. After all, the audience were not idiots.

Cassandra didn't insist, "Okay. Tell me your flight time the day after tomorrow and I'll pick you up. I'll take care of everything else. You're just l

ough I appreciate you very much, I won't let myself be at a disadvantage. "

The implication was that if Palmer regretted, the contract would be solid evidence. If he didn't admit, it meant that he broke the contract. Although there was no penalty in the contract and Cassandra didn't intend to ask for it, it would be a fatal blow to an actor if any negative news was involved.

"I'm not afraid. I trust you." said Palmer in the same way as Cassandra did.

Cassandra was stunned. This boy was really... Why was he so cute?

At this moment, Palmer had already signed his name and handed the contract to Cassandra. Cassandra took it and asked Denny to put it into the storage box. In this way, she signed the contract with Palmer.

"Ha-ha, from now on, you will be sold to me as a permanent worker. Are you nervous?" Cassandra teased.

Palmer smiled and said, "I'm nervous. After all, I'm selling my body."

Cassandra chuckled and thought, 'This guy is really eloquent. He is good at joking. The program will be shot the day after tomorrow. I really don't worry that they will be embarrassed then.'

The car arrived at the airport soon.

They had contacted with the airport in advance, so the car went directly to the VIP passage. Even so, there were still a lot of check-in girls who recognized Palmer and performed a wave of screams on the spot.

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