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   Chapter 630 Don't Worry, Samuel

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Cassandra was relieved as if she was an old mother. This child was so obedient and sensible!

'Calm down, don't be naughty!'

Cassandra hurriedly cleared her throat, "The set of this movie is that you two are both tough men. After all, you have played too many gentle roles before. This time, I hope you can make a breakthrough with the help of this movie. It's a new challenge for you and Palmer. Are you confident?"

Denny turned to Cassandra, "I know how to boxing."

Hearing this, Cassandra was completely shocked, "What did you say? Do you know how to boxing? "


Are you serious?

You are such a gentle and reserved boy. You said you know how to boxing?

Do you have any misunderstanding about the boxing?'

However, in the blink of an eye, Cassandra seemed to think of something. She remembered that she had seen Palmer's boxing emoticon comment on Denny's microblog. She thought that Palmer was just kidding and didn't read it carefully. Could it be that Denny really knew boxing?

Such a gentle boy... How could he have such a masculine side? The contrast was so cute!

Denny nodded shyly, "Yes, when I was a child... I was naughty, so my father asked me to practice Boxing. So, I know a little about it. "

Cassandra felt surprised, "When you were a child? Then how many years have you been practicing boxing? "

Didn't a man who practicing boxing have muscles all over his body?

Denny, "Yes, but I haven't practiced it in the past few years. I just use it occasionally when I'm filming. I retrogress a little."

Cassandra stared at Denny with her bright eyes. What treasure did she find!

Cassandra looked excited, "Well, you can show me later."

Denny, who was aloof and abstinent, knew the boxing... That scene was amazing!

Denny blushed, "Okay."

Cassandra had been dreaming all the way. Before she realized, the car had arrived at the hotel. Palmer had already packed

r A-list stars, who attended the show for the promotion of the new movie. Then in order to follow the promotion, it would be played it in time.

Hearing this, Cassandra said, "Okay, I know. I'll arrange it."

After giving some instructions, Cassandra hung up the phone. Then she turned to look at Denny and Palmer, "You two should have heard the phone call just now, and the crew of the program should also contact you later. This time, you should behave well on the show 'I'm a big star'."

Although Denny was aloof from the world, it was a rare opportunity. At least, it was the recognition of their acting skills.

Denny, "Well, don't worry, I will behave well."

To put it bluntly, she was not worried about a good boy like Denny. However, he was too honest and seemed not suitable for the routine of variety shows. In many private interviews, he often looked confused, and in the end, he pretended to be cute to muddle through.

Obviously, Palmer was much better in this respect. From the previous live streaming, it could be seen that he had been helping Denny all the time. Moreover, when Denny was with Palmer, he would be very relaxed, and occasionally some relaxed movements were so cute.

Cassandra was relieve if the two of them attended the show together.

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