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   Chapter 628 Young People Should Control Themselves

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6650

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In the hotel.

Palmer also saw the comments and support of his fans. Standing alone on the balcony of the hotel, he looked coldly at the vast night sky, as if crossing layers of barriers.

In the sky, stars were all over the sky, bright and dazzling, but they were always far away.

He had been in the entertainment industry for 6 years, and just like Denny, he had never thought that one day he would be able to famous, jumping from an unknown actor to the top, and become an existence admired by millions of people.

Because he had experienced too much embarrassment and disappointment, his sensitive and fragile heart had been riddled with holes, but he still looked dandiacal and cynical.

'You live in a sea of people, and many people often stays by your side, but in the end, you are alone and have no heart.'

So when he came to the live broadcast this time, he still came alone. He didn't expect to meet so many fans when he returned to the airport.

If there was no hope, there would be no disappointment.

It was normal for people to be ups and downs in this circle, but how many people could bear the silence and no one cared after being famous?

Perhaps it was because of the similar experience that he and Denny appreciated each other and quickly became best friends. They could stand on the same side. Even if the world misunderstood him, he had never thought of betraying.


Palmer's eyes narrowed slightly, with a touch of complex emotions flashing in his eyes. After a while, he took out his mobile phone slowly and forwarded the message on Denny's microblog. His slender and fair fingers fell on the dialog box, and he seriously typed a line of words:

"Thousands of mountains and rivers, go with you."

As soon as Palmer's microblog post was released, the comment area was almost exploded in an instant.

"Brother! Thousands of mountains and rivers, go with you! "

"Never give up. Let's move forward side by side!"

"Brother, I wis

his boss treat Palmer as a family member overnight?

He must have opened it in a wrong way!

Cassandra smiled and said, "You didn't hear it wrong. Palmer had promised to sign our company last night. You go to prepare a contract right away, just like the one for Denny. I'm going to send Palmer to the airport later and give it to him."

Jack's eyes almost popped out. Did he hear it wrong? The two most popular young men in the entertainment circle were both signed by their company?

'What the fuck!'

Jack said excitedly, "Yes! Okay, I'll do it right away! Will I bring it to you or will you come to the company to fetch it? "

Cassandra scratched her head. She didn't intend to go to the company. It was too troublesome and time-consuming.

Cassandra said, "Just send me the electronic document. I'll handle it myself."

Jack immediately said, "Okay! Good! I'll do it right away! "

After saying that, Jack immediately hung up the phone.

With one hand on her waist, Cassandra was about to get up when she saw Martin walking towards her in a black suit.


Was it her illusion?

Why did she seem to see Martin's... Suppressed anger?

What's more, Martin was always noble and elegant, and he even walked at the same speed. If she didn't see it wrong just now, Martin was... Walking quickly?

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