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   Chapter 627 Although There are Tens of Millions of People, I Will Go

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6763

Updated: 2020-06-22 00:02

Cassandra held the handrail with one hand and held her waist with the other. A stabbing pain came from the back of her waist, as if a thorn was stabbing. She groaned in pain, and the next second, a figure broke into her sight.

With a nervous look on his face, Martin rushed over and held her with his hands. He asked in a trembling voice, "What's wrong? Did you get hurt? "


He knew that Cassandra had a waist injury and was inconvenient to move, so how could he let her take a shower alone?

At that moment, looking at Martin in front of her, Cassandra felt warm in her heart. This man usually remained calm no matter what happened, but now he was so worried because she almost fell down.

This was a sharp contrast. He was so adorable that her heart trembled!

"No, I'm fine. Don't be nervous, Martin! I'm really fine! " Cassandra held Martin's hand to comfort him.

The gloom in Martin's eyes was swept away in an instant. He suppressed the surging emotions in his heart and carefully held Cassandra, "let me help you."

Cassandra was stunned, "What? Help what? Taking a shower? I can do it myself. "

With a lingering fear, Martin said, "I'm worried."

If Cassandra hadn't reacted quickly just now, she would have...

Cassandra kept nagging, but Martin refused to let it go. He would never allow that stupid thing to happen again.

Although Cassandra couldn't persuade him, she still felt a little uncomfortable to take a shower in front of Martin. Although the two of them often sleep together in her previous life, the two of them rarely did anything excessive in this life.

Most importantly, she was afraid that she couldn't control herself and wanted to pounce on Martin!

A cold and abstinent man like Martin... How many girls could control themselves not to think too much?

"Well. How about we take a shower together... " After saying that, Cassandra blushed.

'Damn, that's not what she wanted to say!'!

She felt that she was shameless...

"Okay." replied Martin.


were over ten thousand in just one minute, and the reading and likes were astonishing. This microblog was immediately listed on the top list.

"Oh my God! He saw it! "

"Oh my God! Moved to cry! He has received all our wishes! "

"He's awesome! !"

"Come on, Denny! We support you! "

"Cry! I have fell in love with a sincere and good-looking actor. I love him so much! If I change my love to him, I will cripple myself first! "

"I cried with all my heart. It's not my fault. It was Mr. Denny who started it!"

Under the comment area, a large number of female fans were crying like dogs.

Nowadays, it was normal for fans to love stars, especially when a movie became famous, and the main character and others became famous for a period of time, but soon there would be a new movie to replace them. Therefore, most of the fans were movie fans, and when the heat of this movie was over, they would quickly change their minds and begin to like the next movie.

As an actor, he knew that the entertainment circle was changing from old to new very quickly.

However, there had never been actors like Denny and Palmer who had become famous overnight and perhaps they hadn't adapted to it yet. In the face of the fans' love, they had no way to repay it, so they could only choose the most primitive and clumsy way to repay their fans.

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