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   Chapter 626 Are You a Quack

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Palmer rubbed his chin and looked at Denny with a complicated expression.

Although the two of them hadn't known each other for a long time, they had a good relationship in private. In particular, Palmer was quite outgoing, and he was perfectly complementary to Denny. After this play, the two of them looked like old friends who had known each other for many years.

Although Denny was introverted, he was awkward in many interview programs, so he had to make it through with a silly smile.

It was the first time that Palmer had seen Denny so concerned about a person.

Did he fall in love with Samuel?

But it was impossible. After all, Samuel was a man. Perhaps, Denny just thanked Samuel for helping him before.

Palmer shook his head. He didn't turn around and walk to the elevator until Denny's car left.

In the hospital.

As soon as Ezra's car arrived, he saw a black Maybach parking there.

Cold sweats broke out on Ezra's forehead. He hurriedly got off the car and opened the back door.

Cassandra also saw the car. Before she got out of the car, she saw Martin get out of the car with a dark face. It seemed that he was angry.

Damn it!

Carlos followed Martin obediently and glanced at Ezra sympathetically.

'Brother, take care of yourself. The master usually worried about Cassandra even if one of her fingers was touched. This time, her waist was actually hurt.'

Cassandra wanted to pretend to be strong, but when she saw Martin, she felt a sharp pain in her waist all of a sudden. She leaned against the back seat and stared at Martin pitifully.

"Does it hurt?" Martin suppressed his anger, frowned and lowered his voice unconsciously.

Cassandra immediately nodded and pouted, "It hurts."

She just wanted to make Martin feel sorry for her, so that Martin wouldn't be too angry. But for some reason, the moment she saw the man, the grievance in the bottom of her heart surged out, and her eyes turned red. If there

ghed and stared at Martin with an aggrieved look. Martin frowned and said, "Good girl."

Kevin was speechless.

Ezra was speechless.

Was he blind?

How could Martin coax a woman so affectionately one day?!

He must have seen the fake Martin!

After returning to the Yan Garden from the hospital, Martin was still worried, so he called Hawk to check on Cassandra.

Cassandra, who had just been filled with a large bowl of medicine, stared at Hawk with a sad face. After checking her pulse, Hawk scratched his head and said, "Madam's injury is not serious, but she is a female. It's not convenient for me to have an injection. I'd better prescribe some medicine... I promise she will recover in 3 days. "

3 days...

It's still too long...

However, her waist was injured this time, and it had been fine if she could recover in 3 days.

"Okay." replied Martin.

Hawk went to write the prescription in a hurry, and Martin asked Carlos to fetch the medicine in person. It was late night after he had been busy for a long time.

Cassandra's waist was injured and it was inconvenient for her to move, especially... Took a shower...

She held her waist with one hand and walked towards the bathroom slowly. As soon as she entered the bathroom, she slipped and almost fell to the ground.

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