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   Chapter 625 No, I didn't

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"No, no, no! Your friend is my friend. It's all our hotel's fault that Mr. Palmer was attacked this time. We will definitely give Mr. Palmer a satisfactory explanation. As for the subordinate who are not careful and violate the hotel management regulations... What do you think if he is fired directly? " Ezra swallowed and said tentatively.

The man in the black suit next to him was completely stunned. Fired?

How was that possible?

He had worked in the hotel for so many years and was about to be promoted. How could he be fired so easily?

The man in black suit was sweating heavily on his forehead. He stood still like a sculpture, staring at Ezra in disbelief.

"Well... Samuel, it's just a small matter. You don't have let him be fired, do you? " Palmer suddenly interjected.

As a public figure, it was not a big deal to have such a crazy fan. But this time, it was in the VIP passage of the hotel, so Palmer was almost injured without precaution.

However, it seemed that it was too much to fire the hotel staff. If this matter was spread out, it would probably give people the illusion of being arrogant.

Palmer's career was just on the rise, and his contract had expired. It was better not to make trouble.

With a look of disappointment on her face, Cassandra looked at Palmer and thought, 'Palmer is as simple as Denny. He is a good man even if he is bullied.'

"That's right! Mr. Samuel, I know I was wrong. It was all my fault that I offended you just now... I know I was wrong. Mr. Samuel, please let me go! " The man in black suit also came to his senses. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and pleaded with a flattering face.

He changed so fast! If Ezra didn't come today, they would surely suffer losses?

"Your fault? If my memory serves me right, this is the VIP passage of the hotel. Outsiders can't come in without permission. The crazy woman

e just lowered his eyes and obeyed without saying anything.

Palmer was not reconciled. After all, Samuel saved him this time. If it weren't for Samuel's timely reaction, he might be injured. He would not be able to rest assured if he didn't see Samuel safe and sound with his own eyes.

Cassandra patted Palmer on the shoulder and said, "Well, go upstairs and have a rest, or I'll feel sorry for you. Go ahead."

At that moment, Palmer suddenly found that he had always been glib, but in front of this man, he seemed to have lost the ability to speak, unable to say a word.

At this time, Ezra's car came over. Ezra helped Cassandra get on the car in person. It was not until the light of the car disappeared in their sight that Palmer and Denny came to their senses.

Palmer looked at Denny and said, "Denny, I finally know why you, a maverick in the circle, would be subdued by Samuel. Such a man..."

Before he finished his words, Denny's back was a little stiff, but then he lowered his head in panic. "Well, it's late. You can go upstairs and have a rest."

Palmer raised his eyebrows and put his arm around his shoulder, "It's so rare for you to be shy. "

Denny's ears turned red. He slapped Palmer away and said, "Nonsense. I'm leaving."

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