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   Chapter 588 Is There Something Wrong With Your IQ

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Clare's words didn't seem to be a big deal, but in fact, he was accusing Samuel of defending Denny. In this way, he guided the public opinion and poured dirty water on Denny.

Clare had been in this circle for so many years, so he naturally knew how to guide the public opinion. It would be better for him to avoid the key point instead of answering the question.

As long as Samuel didn't have any evidence to refute, then what he said and done would be regarded as covering up and hiding the truth. If he tried to defend for Denny, the result would only be the opposite and people would hate him more.

In this circle, few people really cared about what the truth was, or there wouldn't be so many popular stars who were notorious overnight and were forced to quit the entertainment circle.

"You're right. I am indeed protecting Mr. Denny. Because there is no substantial evidence for every word you said just now. You're just deliberately misleading the public and slandering Mr. Denny to achieve your ulterior purpose. Should I allow you to slander and frame him casually and not stand out to speak for him?" Cassandra snapped, showing no sign of weakness.

Cassandra was very clear that the alliance between the Flying Cloud Film and Television Company and the GR Group was to publicly frame Denny in such a public place. If she didn't stand out to say something at this time, once the public opinion completely lost control, Denny would never have a chance to turn over.

And if she was not stronger, her counterattack would be meaningless. Moreover, she had never thought of showing weakness from the beginning.

She had waited for Clare's words, and there was nothing else to fear.

"Nonsense! What's your relationship with Denny? Why are you so partial to him? I felt strange before. No matter how popular Denny is, the 1 hundred million contract is too shocking. Now it seems that the relationship between you and him is not that simple, right? " Clare said coldly.

Obviously, what Clare meant was that he accused Samuel o

's also a fact that you have investigated Mr. Denny, and you don't have to say such pleasant words. What I want is only substantial evidence. As for how you got it, I don't care."

The more Roger pretended, the more she wanted to expose it. The reporters were not stupid. No matter how pleasant Roger's words were, they could not hide the fact that he was investigating the matter of Denny in private.

If Denny had been a famous star for a long time, it was reasonable for Roger to have his information. However, as soon as Denny became famous, Roger took out the so-called evidence. The reason behind it made people have to think about it.

Roger clenched his teeth secretly, and his expression did not change at all. The next second, he nodded to Vincent who was not far away. Vincent gently tapped on the laptop in front of him, and then, a group of photos appeared on the large screen of the conference room.

In the photo, it was a photo of Denny with some directors and female stars in the circle. Some of the photos looked really ambiguous, and there was even a set of photos of him being intimate with a male director.

"Damn it! It's truth! !"

"I can't believe it. It's really..."

"Isn't that the director of that popular online drama? Damn it! This is... On the bed? "

"No way! It's shocking!"

"I don't want to see that! My eyes! "

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