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   Chapter 587 Doubt

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6930

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"It's not appropriate for me to answer your questions directly. But as a public figure, I have told you before that we should set an example for the society and the public and do our work steadfastly. For the kind of stars who sell their body to achieve their goals, I and our company hate them very much. I will never accept and bear such stars." Roger answered with a serious look when he saw that the time was right.

"Mr. Roger, please answer me directly. Is the star you are talking about Denny?"

"I've heard that Denny seduced the director and investor in order to get the position. Is it true?"

"Damn it! How could it be possible?"

"Mr. Denny, is the star Mr. Roger mentioned you?"

"How did you get the opportunity to act in that online drama? Please answer me!"

The biggest taboo in the entertainment circle was to make groundless accusations. A repeated slander made others believe. Even if Roger didn't have any evidence, it would be thought to be true if he made such a statement in such a public place and refused to sign Denny. With Denny's own strength, it was impossible to prove it.

Although there were also many fans present who tried their best to defend for Denny and even called on his global fans to fight for him and support him, the influence of the mainstream media was far more than that of their fans.

On the stage, in the face of so many doubts, Denny didn't respond. He just sat there quietly, as if all the noise around him had miraculously faded away from his ears, as if it had nothing to do with him.

On the other side, Clare was anxious to see that there was no response from Denny. He had planned to make a fortune in the GR Group with Denny's help this time. In addition, he had signed a contract with the Ring Entertainment Industry, so he could make a great fortune.

But he didn't expect that Roger would come to him voluntarily. He not only raised the acquisition price, but also announced the news in advance. The only condition was to slander Denny so that he would never have a chance to stand out in this cir

beauty to get the position? "

"Someone once said that you're a gay. Is that true?"

"There was also a rumor that you used a female star to get your position. Is that true? Please answer me! "

As time went by, all the problems gradually shifted to Denny. The scene was in chaos, and the doubts of the major Livestream platforms became more and more intense. There were even many people insulting Denny in the comments.

"Mr. Clare accused Mr. Denny of relying on his beauty to get promoted, immoral and against professional ethics. Do you have any evidence to prove it, Mr. Clare?"

A calm voice suddenly came from the multi-functional conference room.

As soon as the voice sounded, the crowd immediately became quiet for a few seconds. Then, all the media cameras were aimed at the position where the voice was heard on the stage.

"That's... Samuel? "

"Yes, today is the signing ceremony of the Ring Entertainment Industry and the Flying Cloud Film and Television Company!"

"Denny is slandered like this. How dare Samuel defend him now?"

"Why do I feel something breathtaking will happen?"

"Damn it! Is Samuel supporting Denny? "

On the stage, Clare seemed to have expected Samuel's question. He gave Samuel a false smile and said, "I know you want to protect Denny, but I believe that whether it's true or not, we have a conclusion in our hearts."

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