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   Chapter 568 I Want To Go

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Hackett clenched his teeth and asked, "Did you hear it just now?"

Shrugging, Zed said, "I not only heard it, but also smelled a strong smell of jealousy. But then again, Mr. Samuel has a good eye. I admire him more and more. "

Hackett could hear the hidden meaning in his words, but he couldn't face it or admit it. He had lived for more than 20 years, but he was so interested in a man now.

Hackett glared at him and said, "Well, stop talking nonsense. Let's get started."

Hearing that, the corners of Zed's mouth twitched. He muttered in a low voice, "Why do you give him such a favor but let me do the job for you?"

Hackett smiled, "It's Okay if you don't want to do it."


The smile on Hackett's face deepened. "The bonus for this month is gone."

Zed, "... Damn it! Hackett, you bastard! How dare you deduct my bonus for a man! "

What had he done wrong to meet such a bad friend!

While he was mumbling, he called to make arrangement.

In the Yan Garden.

Cassandra came back in a hurry. Martin had just finished a remote video conference and was sitting on the sofa dealing with documents.

Cassandra walked up to Martin and sat down on the sofa. She leaned her head close to the man and said with a smile, "Sweetheart, I'm back."

Martin put down the documents in his hands and asked, "Well, are you hungry?"

Cassandra immediately nodded pitifully, "Yes! I'm in a hurry to see you. I didn't eat anything. "

"I'll get you something to eat." said Martin.

Cassandra nodded obediently and sensibly. Martin stood up from the sofa and went to the kitchen to fetch food for her. Cassandra leaned against the sofa, with the back of one hand supporting her head. Her eyes fell on a pile of documents by accident.

Cassandra stretched out her hand and took out the document. She looked through it roughly and frowned, no one knew what she was thinking about.

A moment later, Martin came out with a bowl of freshly cooked noodles in his hand. He put the noodles in front of Cassandra and said,


In the hall.

After pouring water for the two of them and cutting fruits for them, Talbot sat down next to Robert. He pushed his gold rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose and asked, "I just heard from Cassandra that you are going to the H city?"

Cassandra picked up a piece of fruit and put it beside Martin's mouth. The man opened his mouth and swallowed it.

Cassandra, "Well, Martin is going on a business trip. Let's go there together."

Talbot looked at Robert.

The expression on Robert's face changed slightly. He had been with Talbot for so long, but he had always been indifferent as if he had no desire for anything. He had never said where he wanted to go.

Just now, when Cassandra said that she wanted to go to the H city, he had never thought of agreeing at all. In particular, he was worried that if Talbot went to the H city, he would not be able to withstand the heavy snow, and if he was sick at that time, he would still feel sorry for him.

"Okay, okay. If you want to go, we can go. I'll arrange some time later to do a planning strategy. But you're too thin. You must bring more clothes with you, in case you catch a cold."

With his eyes and brows lowered, Talbot said in a low voice, "I know."

Cassandra, who was stuffed with a bowl of love, shivered, "Well. We two are still here... Stop showing off... "

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