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   Chapter 565 I Have One Condition

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6987

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After Clare finished the cigarette, he said slowly, "You just said that your company has just been established and is too weak. How can I know whether you can afford the price I offer?"

Seeing that he had fallen into the trap, Cassandra raised her eyebrows slightly, "Although I'm not talented, I know a few rich men. It's not difficult for me to ask them to invest in shooting. You don't need to worry about this. As long as you agree, I will cooperate."

Clare looked at Cassandra and said with a smile, "You also know that Denny is now the most capable actor of our company. I also think highly of his future. As long as you give me this number, I will agree to sign with you."

As Clare said, he showed five fingers. These five fingers were definitely not five million. Clare was really asking for an exorbitant price. He wouldn't stop until he drained Denny.

Cassandra smiled calmly, "Fifty million?"

Clare lit another cigarette and said, "Yes. I won't discuss it with you unless you agree to give me fifty million."

With a casual glance at Clare, Cassandra said, "You're too narrow-minded. According to the future development of Mr. Denny, I will give him one hundred million dollars for the filming. But I have one condition. "

Hearing this, Clare's fingers holding a cigarette trembled. He had thought that fifty million had reached the limit, but he did not expect that Samuel, the idiot, would double the payment.

After all, as soon as the contract period came, he took the money and didn't care about anything. He would get one hundred million for the film payment easily.

'Samuel is so stupid. He is just a typical example of being stupid and rich!'

Clare suppressed the excitement in his heart and looked at Cassandra, "What condition? Mr. Samuel, please don't hesitate. As long as I can do it, I will cooperate with you. "

Raising her eyebrows slightly, Cassandra said, "Nothing important. I just want to ask you for your cooperation to help me release this exclusive news with your company's official microblog. It's also a publicity for me."


of Denny.

Unfortunately, Clare only had money in his mind now. He just wanted to make a fortune before the contract expired, without taking into account the feelings of the fans.

Cassandra checked the comments below and found it was true.

"What a damn company? You don't forget to suck blood at this time? "

"Does this company want to drain my idol because of his popularity?"

"I advise you to be a man!"

"The stupid company? Damn it! Please stop it! "

"Fuck you! I'm the fan of Denny, not your shabby company. Are you fucking a vampire bat? ?"

Looking at the following comments, Cassandra was quite satisfied. Although Denny was still nominally a member of the Flying Cloud Film and Television Company, and this microblog post also involved too much negative news, she inadvertently increased his status.

Denny had been in the entertainment industry for 10 years. In the first few years, he had been acting some small roles, and in the next few years, he didn't have much resources and had been unpopular all the time. Although he became famous this time, the price was not very high, so she deliberately raised it this time in order to raise his status.

Although she knew that Denny didn't care about this, he was an actor who cared only about good scripts and acting skills, she felt sorry for him when she saw him. If he didn't care, she could do it for him.

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