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   Chapter 564 It Should Be Brilliant

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He had seen too many selfish people in this circle, so he couldn't trust anyone easily.

Even though Cassandra was exaggerating, there was no free lunch in the world. After so much, he was no longer the innocent and ignorant young man.

Cassandra stared at him without blinking and said, "Because you deserve it."

Hearing this, Denny's pupils shrank and his tense look disappeared. Astonishment was written all over his angular face and dark eyes.

After a long time, he finally found his lost voice. "What did you say?"

Cassandra looked at him with a smile on her face, and said in a very low voice, "Because you deserve it. Ten years of silence, your efforts will not be in vain. I will solve all the problems for you. Trust me, Mr. Denny, your future... It should be brilliant! "

Denny's eyes were full of disbelief. He thought today would be the darkest day of his life, and he would never have a future. His whole life was once again thrown into hell.

However, the man in front of him suddenly told him that he deserved it and his future should be brilliant.

Should he choose to believe this man?


Would this man be his redemption or another trap?

Denny's expression was uncertain, but in the end, it seemed to change a little. He loved acting so much that he wanted to act seriously.

Denny closed his eyes helplessly. After a long time, a touch of firmness finally appeared on his angular face. Since he had reached the end, why not take a gamble?

"Okay. I trust you. " Denny slowly opened his eyes, which were as clean as before.

Cassandra smiled and said in a soft voice, "What is said can't be retracted. Have a rest here. I need some time to talk to Mr. Clare, but please trust me. I won't let you down. After the successful termination of the contract, I won't interfere in your actions."

Denny was stunned and held the camera tightly with both hands. When Cassandra walked to the doo

you agree with me, Mr. Samuel? "

Hearing this, Cassandra really wanted to scold him.

'Are you kidding me?

Denny has worked in the Flying Cloud Film and Television Company for nearly 10 years. A few years ago, he just acted as some unimportant roles, and then he found resources by himself. Now he finally becomes popular. Why do you suddenly come out to tell me that you are responsible for him?'

With a smile on her face and a curse in her heart, Cassandra said seriously, "You're right. Compared with the big company like the GR Group, our company is indeed too weak. It may not be enough, but I have my own sincerity. I've just said that I have a script, which is very suitable for Mr. Denny. As long as you give a consent, the payment... We can discuss. "

Clare was a greedy man, and Cassandra happened to know that. She had to keep Clare steady first.

As expected, Clare's eyes twinkled with excitement. He had to make a fortune before he sold Denny and the Flying Cloud Film and Television Company to the GR Group. After all, Denny was still a member of the Flying Cloud Film and Television Company nominally.

If he could sign several contracts before the end of Denny's contract, even if Roger wanted to get even with him in the future, there would be no evidence.

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