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   Chapter 563 Do Whatever You Want

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6672

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Clare said as he moved to the sofa next to the young man. His fat body was deliberately close to the young man. The young man's back was tight, and his body moved aside instinctively. His face was green, and his fingers were tightly clenched.

The young man tried hard to bear the nausea and gritted his teeth. "Mr. Clare, please behave yourself. I... I'm not that kind of person. Please let me go, Mr. Clare... "

Hearing this, Clare sneered and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He thought, 'How ungrateful Denny is! If I didn't like his face at that time, how could I agree to sign him?'

Denny had thought that he could get the moonlight first with a waterfront Pavilion and take Denny as his own, but he didn't expect that this bloke was so ungrateful that he refused him again and again. Therefore, he was furious, so he directly ignored him and didn't give him any resources. During the 3 years after he had signed the contract, Denny only got a little money.

But even so, Denny was still unwilling to yield. Clare was ashamed into anger and planned to banish him from the entertainment industry. He didn't care about him in the past few years. Fortunately, Denny had made great efforts and honed his acting skill, and this role made him famous overnight.

Although Clare didn't expect that he Denny would be so famous, he still had him. If he didn't try his best to drain him, wouldn't it be in vain?

If he used some tricks to get Denny now, would he be afraid that he would not yield in the future?


This circle was not as simple as Denny thought. With resources and money, even a dog shit could be turned into a golden flower!

"Mr. Clare. Please behave yourself! " Denny stared at Clare vigilantly and uneasily.

Clare sneered, raised his hand and pinched his chin, sneered, "Behave myself? What do you count? I'm helping you. Don't think you can go against me just because you are a little famous now. When I was in this circle at the beginning, you hadn't bee

e had been banished from the entertainment industry by his leaders without any resources, he still worked hard to improve his acting skills. The God had always been kind to people. He finally became famous after ten years of silence.

But who would have thought that there were so many people who had bad intentions after he became famous? How could him, a man who only wanted to act and had no power background, fight against Clare?

Cassandra said, "Mr. Denny, I'm indeed here for you, but I don't want you to sign with me. I know you just want to act well, and I won't interfere in anything else. I'm not here to fight for anything, but for you. I hope you understand what I mean."

Hearing this, Denny suddenly looked up at Cassandra with bloodshot eyes, as if he could not believe what Cassandra said.

Noticing that he seemed to be softened, Cassandra continued, "Mr. Denny, I didn't mean to hurt you. I came here just because I don't want to see your 10 years of hard work ruined. You deserve a better stage, and your brilliance shouldn't be buried... You should have heard of my name, Samuel, I can save you from the Flying Cloud Film and Television Company without any additional conditions. From now on, you can do whatever you want. "

"Why?" Denny kept silent for a long time and then said in a hoarse voice.

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